In a Pumpkin Colored Box

November is a time of Thanksgiving and Mac lovers have much to be thankful for. A year ago things were touch and go for Macs and Mac lovers alike. So, this year, when you sit down to turkey and pumpkin pie, take a minute to reflect. And sing a few rounds of our ditty below.

(This month’s AppleCart is more for our regular readers than for those of you just checking us out for the first time. It’s In-Joke Time, Folks. But even the My Mac faithful will never know little Eddie’s dark secret. Hey, don’t look at me. I won’t tell.)


Peter Peter Apple Eater
Had a Mac he couldn’t sell.
Put her in an iMac shell
And there he sold her very well.In her pumpkin colored box
Packed her up and watched her go.
Now everybody’s still in shock;
Four winning quarters in a row!

Peter says, “I told ya so.”


It’s Pumpkin Time in schools across the country. They are on the walls and in the halls. As the Halloween pumpkins rot on porches and street corners, Thanksgiving keeps the pumpkin alive for another month.

The Kindergarten’s chanting ‘Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater’ and drawing pictures of Turkey Day. The primary set is counting pumpkin seeds, dressing up as Puritans and writing stories called ‘I am thankful for…’ The Intermediates are making pumpkin pies, researching the first Thanksgiving, and collecting food for the hungry.

The Mac lab is unpacking 25 iMacs from their pumpkin colored boxes and hunting vainly for that one Imation drive. Have to load the teachers’ old floppies before the kids can dive into the new Macs.

Off on a morning field trip, bus loads of eager children descend on the pumpkin patch as their harried teachers try to keep a head count. A muddy pumpkin in each book bag, they reboard the bus for the trip back to the city.

“All aboard the Little Red Bus for Apple-a-Day Elementary, kids.” Teacher gamely tries to round up her little apple eaters and their pumpkin pickin’s for the trip home. “Line up. Single file. Hands to yourself.”

“Eddie! Are you pushing again? Don’t make me tell Dad.”

“No, Johnny. Just one, please. Your book bag is already bursting.”

“Yes, I know Gordy has two. But one is for little Gracie.”

“Good Job, Rusty. You really know how to follow the rules.”

“Now Manny. Put those files away. Field trips are supposed to be fun.”

“What Mickey? You say you found a pink flamingo… where?”

“Adam and Mike! This is not the time for games, boys.”

“And Susie! Quit procrastinating and get on the bus.”

“Come along, Jason. We must look for the BUS. Not the BeOS.”

“Jack! Jack! Wake up. Time to go.” Gotta get that boy to bed earlier.

“Alan and Bill. No need to squabble over who picked the best pumpkin. They will both be magnificent when you finish the autumn art display.”

“Hold my hand, Babs, and repeat after me: there ARE no monsters in the pumpkin patch. There ARE no monsters.” Too many movies, that girl.

Hmmm… Who’s the kid with applesauce on his face? Oh, it’s Ralphy, our new boy. “Hi Ralph. Glad to have you aboard.”

Shay! We’ve lost Shay! “What’s that, kids? Oh, right. Shay moved. And you say Brian’s off chasing rainbows? Hope he gets back soon.”

Dear me! Where’s Timmy got to now? So busy dreaming up new schemes, one of these days he’ll miss the bus altogether.

“There you are, Timmy. Trying to juggle three pumpkins at once, I see.” SPLAT! SPLOP! “Good boy. One is quite enough.”

Now, where’s Jerry? And our new Jacob.That’s right. Principal kept them both back to rewire the Mac lab. Lucky for us someone knows how.

And Jimmy? Rewriting the Newsletter for Ms. Secretary, as usual. She can’t spell for sour apples.

Speaking of apples, Mark’s in trouble for drawing apples on the school walls again. Not a bad boy. Just too creative for his own good.

But Pete! I can’t find Pete! Whew, it’s OK. I remember now. He’s absent. Someone said Big Brother took him for a ride.

“That should be everyone, driver. Wait just a minute. One last head check. Hey Mac! Hold everything … We’re a kid long.”

“Billy! Billy Gee! You don’t even go to our school! Get back onto the fancy Big M Bus where you belong!” That boy! Always hanging around trying to steal our stuff! Somebody ought to call the authorities.


Yes, It’s November and time to count our blessings. So what am I thankful for? Well, I’m thankful the Mac still lives. That I have a Mac to write about. A Mac to write it on.

And I’ll be more thankful yet, if Billy Gee will only stay on his own bus. Or, do I dare to hope, the DoJ puts him in long-term time-out for messing with my Mac.

Susan Howerter

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