Miner Thoughts Unplugged 1

Whoa! Did I ever get lambasted for what I wrote last month. It seems a large number of you took umbrage with my poorly written, un-researched, lame excuse for an article about how the government shouldn’t be sticking their nose into Microsoft or Intel’s business practices. You called me stupid, ignorant and simple minded. You accused me of not having the slightest idea of what I was talking about. You pointed out my misinterpretation of a quote and suggested I keep my mouth shut if I didn’t know what I was talking about. Some of you masked your opinions with politeness by simply stating that you did not agree with any of my thoughts on the issue. Some of you even want me banned from My Mac Magazine.

I gave all your email some serious thought and re-read the article at which your anger was aimed. I tried to read it as one who was unfamiliar with my writing style. And you know what? It was a piss poor column, a lame attempt on my part to satirize the complex issue of whatever it was that I was trying to write about. So for that I apologize. It has always been my intention as a writer on the staff of My Mac Magazine to deliver, if not humorous, then fictitious yarns having to do with the computerization of the world. Nothing I write is meant to be serious editorialization on my part, as I do not profess to be any kind of computer expert, let alone serious. I obviously failed to portray the humor I saw in this particular story in the manner in which I had hoped. Again, I apologize.

Having said that, I make no other apology for any of my other work that appears in these pages. If you still want me banned from My Mac Magazine, then I suggest you send your letters to either,
Tim Robertson publisher@mymac.com, or Russ Walkowich editor@mymac.com

If they get enough mail concerning my ineptitude as a writer you may get your wish. (No, they won’t, you’re here to stay – Tim Robertson, Publisher, My Mac Magazine) Until then, chill out, take a diazepam and don’t get so stressed out over the likes of me.

Pete Miner

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