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Windows 98 Books from Macmillan

“Windows 98 Books from Macmillan”

Many of us will have to use Windows 98 at some point during this century or the next one. Win 98 is generating more books than any previous computer subject. The quantity is overwhelming. As a public service, Book Bytes will briefly examine five books each from two major publishers, Macmillan and IDG. The books were selected to cover the spectrum from beginner to advanced. Here is the first installment.

Sams Teach Yourself Windows 98 in 10 Minutes
by Jennifer Fulton
Sams Publishing
ISBN 0-672-31330-8, 244 pages
$12.99 U.S., $18.95 Canada, L11.99 U.K.

Newcomers to Windows 98 will embrace this book with glee. The Teach Yourself XYZ in 10 Minutes format works perfectly for learning an operating system, when only the basics are required. Recommended for beginners.


Sams Teach Yourself Windows 98 in 24 Hours
by Greg Perry
Sams Publishing
ISBN 0-672-31223-9, 356 pages
$19.99 U.S., $28.95 Canada, 17.95 U.K.

Each one-hour lesson is broken into straightforward steps, followed by review sections. Readers who like their tutorials presented in this way will learn Win 98 in a thorough manner. Recommended for beginners and intermediates.


Special Edition Using Windows 98
by Ed Bott and Ron Person
Que Corporation
ISBN 0-7897-1488-4, 870 pages (plus CD)
$39.99 U.S., $56.95 Canada, L37.49 U.K.

The Special Edition series consistently aims high, with consistent stellar results. This book/CD is a monster of detailed material, written with more experienced users in mind. Recommended for power users.


The Big Basics Book of Windows 98
by Joe Kraynak
Que Corporation
ISBN 0-7897-1513-9, 598 pages
$19.99 U.S., $28.95 Canada, 18.49 U.K.

In an unusual twist The Big Basics Book of Windows 98 is a large-format paperback, printed on inexpensive newsprint stock. Using a “How To” lesson format on every page the author systematically plows through every aspect of Win 98. Exceptional value for money, given the range and quality of instuction. Highly recommended.


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Windows 98
by Paul McFedries
Alpha/Que Books
ISBN 0-7897-1493-0, 388 pages
$14.99 U.S., $21.95 Canada, L13.99 U.K

This Complete Idiot’s Guide is loaded with helpful screen shots and tips, and is written with wit and sparkle. The design and structure are inviting and satisfying, and the price is very reasonable. Recommended for beginners and intermediates.


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