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Hang2000 is a take-off of the classic HangMan game many of us played in school. Well, the chalkboard game has come to the Mac thanks to Ken Winograd ken@winograd.com, and it’s a winner.

Like HangMan, the object of the game is to guess the word or phrase before the little guy is hanged. Ken sent the following description, which sums up the game far better than I can:


Hang2000 TextWell said, and after an hour with the game, I must say it is a fun, educational game suited for any age group. It is great for kids learning to spell, as well as for us adults who like to think sometimes (but not too much!). The graphics are a nice change from the 3D effects that are prevalent today, and the sounds are a perfect match for the game. “Uh-uh” it replies when you choose a incorrect letter, as well as a cute “Nooo!” You also get bells and “yuuuup!” sounds when you select a correct letter.


Hang2000 Picture 1After you pay the shareware fee, you have a huge selection of topics to choose from, such as Best Actor, Tools, Books, Baseball Teams, Cars, Star Trek, and more. You can also play against someone by using your own words and letting them guess.


Hang2000 Picture 2A few of the nice features of the game are the ability to change the colors, the number of guesses (4-12) as well as some preferences you would not expect. (See graphic below.)


Hang2000 Picture 3A fun game, well written, with nice graphics and sound. What more could you ask for? Highly recommended.

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