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My Mac Magazine #37, May

Upgrades, upgrades, who wants the upgrades? You do, right? How do you get there? It’s funny you should ask. It reminds me of a commercial I’ve recently heard on the radio, “I am da Mac man, dat’s why I’m here… ya know what I mean?”

This subject can go in many different directions but for now let’s look at some general objectives. Now listen up, I NEED your questions and feedback on this. I have one man writing to me all the time asking me about his PowerBook (Hi, Bennett) and I know that you have some questions like his so PLEASE write to me about them. My email address is listed at the bottom of this column and you know how easy it is to send email, right? Get to it!

Alright, General Objective #1: What is your goal for upgrading? Again, this can go in many directions but let’s keep focused on the simple things for now. Chances are you want to upgrade your speed. Speed is a good thing but this can be a neverending story, so be prepared. Like many people, you’ve seen a decrease in the performance of your Mac. It just doesn’t have the impressive kick that it had when you turned it on for the very first time. Hold it right there! How long ago was that? What did you buy the Mac for in the first place? I know I’ve asked you that before but think about what has changed since you first bought your Mac. Bigger, beefier applications are out there now and it’s likely that you’re trying to keep up with those apps. Can your Mac truly handle what you’re throwing at it? Let the old man give you some ideas…

I used to have an LC III. I’m now using a Centris 650 (still not a PowerMac but I’ll get there!) I’ve tried several different scenarios to get my Mac running at its very best. Let me tell you what I’ve done and see if it can work for you, too. First, I increased the RAM up to 40MB. (for you Power Users that’s not much but it works) I immediately saw a speed increase, no kidding. Plus, it gave me all the room I need to work in.

Secondly, I tried out Connectix Speed Doubler. Now, this I like! Now I can’t tell you that this is running like a G3 but I am very pleased with the way it handles my Internet access. Man, that drove me nuts! I would wait for 10 minutes for a page to load and then get kicked off anyway. Oy vey! I was goin’ mashugina! With these few additions to my Mac I can honestly say that I’m pleased with the way my equipment is running. If you can, I want you to try these things out, especially a RAM upgrade. Shoot, man, RAM is as cheap as you’ll ever find it. Go to They’ve got just about the best pricing I’ve seen anywhere on the net. Friendly, courteous too. Is that a good plug or what? Remember me guys! ;^)

Try these out during this month and let me know if I can help. I’m confident that you will see a speed increase. That is always good. I am da Mac man, dat’s why I’m here…ya know what I mean?

Catcha L8r

Ed Tobey

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