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Bub & Bob 1.2

Bub & Bob 1.2
Author: Sebastian Wegner
Shareware: $20.00

Mike: Bub & Bob is a friendly and fun
arcade-style game, and is more or less a
clone of the 1980s arcade game “Bubble
Bobble.” You control this little dinosaur-like creature that has the ability to capture enemies by blowing bubbles around them.

Adam: Nice storyline, Mike! Short and sweet, exactly how I like it. Though I have never played Bubble Bobble, I was immediately hooked on Bub & Bob. It’s simple yet challenging objective is enough to keep anyone on their toes.

Moving around Bub & Bob is like any other game. You use the arrow keys to move left to right and jump up, and the space bar to fire. These keys can be fully customized so two players can comfortably play off one keyboard.

Mike: As you wander around each level, you score points by capturing the bad guys in a bubble, chasing the bubble down, and then popping it (and the enemy along with it!). After you do this, bonus objects, such as fruit or diamonds, will appear, and you can collect them for bonus points.

Adam: Capturing the bad guys is not always easy, however. They’re always moving, jumping up and down, and you never know where they are going to land. Once you have a clear sight of them, you can fire your bubble. Once you hit your enemy, the bubble will start floating, and it’s your job to pop it by jumping before time runs out.

Mike: The graphics are reminiscent of the 1980s, too. In fact, I felt as if I could have playing this game on an old 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. The game looks nice, don’t get me wrong, and I appreciate the fact that this keeps the memory requirements low, but a little more detail would have been nice. Even so, the cartoony sprites are well-done, and the fact that the game looks a little simplistic doesn’t detract from the fun factor.

Adam: I totally agree. The graphic quality in no way detracts from the fun, and whatever is lost in the graphics is made up in the music and sound effects. They are absolutely superb!

Mike: The two-player option is where the fun can really be had. You can choose to work side-by-side to complete each level as a team, or to try to score more points than your partner and be a little more cutthroat, if you will. (In this respect, the game slightly resembles another 80s hit, the original Mario Bros. game.)

Adam: Ah, well Mike, it’s too bad that I don’t live closer to you, because I’d score so many more points than you it would make your head spin!

Mike: Don’t think so, Adam, but anyways…

Bub & Bob recommends you have at least a 68040 processor, and requires 4.2mb of RAM. You can download Bub & Bob at Sebastian Wegner’s home page, at

The Summary
Mike: There are 1200 levels in Bub & Bob, but you can only play 8 of them until you register. However, those eight are enough to get you hooked and yearning for more! Fast, fun, lighthearted, and addictive, Bub & Bob is a winner in my book.

Adam: I’m not a fan of “crippleware,” but Bub & Bob does come with enough levels to make a decision. Though its graphics leave a little to be desired, the gameplay, intensity, and music are first-rate. Bub & Bob is recommended for any Mac user who is looking to relive some 80’s arcade fever.

Mike Wallinga

Adam Karneboge

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