The Senior Macintosh Center
My Mac Magazine #32, Dec. ’97

You know how a child has a certain toy or something that is their
“security”? Some have security blankets, teddy bears or even pacifiers (thank goodness for pacifiers). Well, just the other day I found out what one of my security blankets is.

I just moved. No questions please. Through all the hassle of filling
empty boxes, emptying full boxes and carrying heavy furniture (my back is killing me) up and down stairs and just getting acquainted with my new
surroundings, I found myself wandering around my apartment feeling
somewhat out of focus. I didn’t know what to do next. I thought to
myself that I could at least get my computer and printer set up on my
desk. Seemed like a simple project and something that could get done
quickly. You know the routine like I do, first, untangle all the power
cords and the network cable for the LaserWriter IInt. Then get
everything setup and plugged in. Hit the switch on the surge protector (you do have one, don’t you?) and you hear the familiar “Chongggg” that lets you know that all is well with your Mac. That’s when it hit me, that familiar sound. Call me crazy but I immediately sat down and started fiddling with my Mac. I changed a few things like my After Dark module (I really like Nirvana, not the band, but the module from AD 3.0) and I even changed my Desktop to the Teal Blue (#41 in the Desktop Patterns). No big changes; just something to do.

After I had done that, I went about my business to get other things done. Man, there is a lot to do when you move. I noticed that something was different about the way the apartment felt. It seemed more comfortable and the atmosphere was better. I know you’ll think I’m nuts (join the club) but it was because my Mac was working. I’m writing this article right now because I knew that I had to try my best to express this thought and there was no better time than while I feel it.

I certainly don’t have any intention of burning candles or incense in
homage to my little LC III, but I realized just how much this security
blanket means to me, and probably to you, too. As you know, I service broken Macs and many times I hear from clients that they don’t realize how dependent they are on their computers until they break down. It’s like a friend has forsaken them or died (a little extreme but you get the idea).

Can PC users say the same thing? Nah! ;^D

Anyway, before you get done with using your computer for the day, pat
it on the top of the head (monitor) and tell it how much you appreciate
it. It works for plants, right? Maybe we can get bumper stickers made
that say “Have you hugged your Mac today?” Whaddya think?

Catcha L8r, Eddie

Ed Tobey (

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