MagicalKeys 1.3.2
NeatNik 1.0.2
WindowStacker 1.0

MagicalKeys 1.3.2
Author: Michel Mariani

Does your Apple Menu go way off the bottom of the screen? Do your hierarchal windows resemble the Tower of Babel? Does your launcher palette have so many buttons it looks like an airplane console? Do you wish you could find an instant way to launch your favorite program?
If the answer is yes, then continue reading.

MagicalKeys manages to add yet another way to launch your favorite files. It can only do four, but it does them in the most unique and easy-to-use way. You just add them in the control panel and choose one of the keys: Control, Option, Shift or Command for each. Then just triple-click the key, anytime, anywhere. It’s fast, you don’t need to reach for the mouse; but you do have to remember which is which. Leave MagicalKeys as one of the four choices, for reference, until you get them down. It only uses 17K of System memory.

  • Download MagicalKeys 1.3.2

  • NeatNik 1.0.2
    Author: Karl Bunker

    Eureka! After trying several window-arranging programs, I’ve finally found one that does what I want. Several of the others worked well also; most of them were extensions that could quickly stack all the windows in a folder or volume.

    But none of them could resize the windows according to how much was in them. Neatnik can. It’s an application, so you have to manually run it on your volume/folders. However, it’s slow compared to the others. That’s because it has to open the windows (in the background), cleanup the files and resize the window to just fit what’s in there.

    Just run it while you’re doing something else (other than the computer – eating for example). When you get back, your windows will be perfectly arranged.

    One other tip: make sure first you set up the topmost window the way you’d like them all to appear.

    (Requires the scriptable Finder, included in System 7.5 and up)

  • Download NeatNik 1.0.2 

  • WindowStacker 1.0

    Author: Thomas Moertel


    Despite the superiority of NeatNik, you will sometimes, if not often, create new windows that won’t have been stacked. WindowStacker can, by holding the control key, quickly stack them on their parent window. You’ll have to adjust the size and clean up the icons first, though.
    These limitations, however, make it several times faster than NeatNik. It’s also very old, so it may not work on Systems after 7.5.x.

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