FunKeys 1.5
SoundVolume 1.0

FunKeys 1.5

Author: Alex Rampell
Shareware: $15.00

Does your keyboard have the F-Keys on it? You know, the keys at the top that are never used for anything? Well, with FunKeys 1.5, you can turn those useless keyboard buttons into time saving application launchers.

To start, you must install FunKeys into your control panels folder. Restart, and let the time savings begin. When you launch FunKeys, you can set up, via a pop-up menu, which F-key does what. On my keyboard, when I hit F1, America Online will launch. F2 is for Netscape Navigator, while F3 will launch Photoshop, etc.

After a few days of using the control panel, I find it a real time saver, and a welcome addition to my Mac. I have yet to test it with Mac OS 8.0, but I am sure if it does not work with it yet, it will soon. Mr. Rampell has done an excellent job! Well worth the download!

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  • SoundVolume 1.0
    Author: Donald Fuller Jr.
    Shareware: $2.00

    While online one day, I read, “Ever have trouble getting your sound volume just right?” Well, as a matter of fact, I do! But this nifty and very inexpensive shareware utility takes care of that problem. With
    SoundVolume 1.0, you simply launch the program and push a button for preset volumes.

    My only gripe is that it doesn’t always work. Many times during CD play back on my Mac, I would launch the program, push a button, and nothing would happen. If the problem is with my Mac or with SoundVolume 1.0, I cannot say. But the program is nifty if you can get it to work for you.


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