Menutasking Enabler 1.0
Finder Windows 1.2.2
Power Windows 1.2.1
Strip68k 1.0a1

Menutasking Enabler 1.0
Author: Chris K. Thomas


Have you ever been downloading a file in the background, and then open a menu and go through a series of submenus only to find that you totally screwed up the download? Yep, it happens, but it can be prevented with Menutasking Enabler.

Menutasking Enabler is a small system extension that will allow processing in the background while you are holding down a menu or the mouse button. This means that downloads can continue, file copies can keep copying, etc.. I have not had any problems or conflicts with Menutasking Enabler, under Mac OS 7.6.1 or Mac OS 8.

The only problem with this extension is that it will not work in foreground applications. That means that if you are downloading in Netscape, and Netscape is your active application, and you hold down a menu in Netscape, the processing will stop. The author says that he will fix this in the next version.

The Summary
All in all, Menutasking Enabler is a great extension, and I would recommend it to anyone. At least now your PC buddies won’t be able to screw up your downloads!

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    Finder Windows 1.2.2

    Author: Graham Herrick

    Shareware: $10.00

    Does your desktop get cluttered with windows often? I know mine does. I have always wished that I had a simple “window” menu that would let me choose what window I wanted to be active, instead of sorting through layers of windows to find the window I was looking for.

    Finder Windows solves this problem, by adding a “window” menu to the finder, from which you can choose which window you want to be active, as well as stack and arrange the windows. The control panel is very straightforward, letting you choose whether you want the window menu to be an icon or to say “window,” and letting you customize the letters for the arrange and stack shortcuts.

    The Summary
    Finder Windows is one of the best programs I’ve used in a long time, and it’s well needed. My advice is to try Finder Windows, but be careful! Once you use it once, you won’t be able to go back.

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  • Power Windows 1.2.1

    Author: Greg Landweber

    Shareware: $5.00

    Power Windows is another fine title from the famous author of ~Aaron and Kaleidoscope. Power Windows is a small system extension that makes your windows solid when you drag them. Normally, when you drag a window, you just see an outline of the window. Not with Power Windows. I would call this a WYDIWYG program. That is “What You Drag Is What You Get.” Greg also includes a “Translucent Power Windows” extension that makes the windows translucent when you drag them, instead of totally solid.

    Be aware that both solid and translucent dragging of windows, especially larger ones, is very processor intensive, and works well on only the fastest power Macs. My Power Mac 6100/60 had a hard time handling this, with a lot of skipping, while my 6400/200 handled it pretty well.

    The Summary
    Power Windows is a well thought up control panel worthy of your download. Even though it works well only on faster computers, that’s not the author’s fault. Try Power Windows on your computer, and see if you like it. I know I sure do!

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  • Strip68k 1.0a1

    Company: In Phase Consulting


    Strip68k is a great program that does exactly what it says it does. It will strip all 68k code from Fat binary programs. In english, that means that if you have a Power Mac, and you have programs that will run on both 680×0 and PPC Macs, Strip68k will remove all the 68k code from those programs, reducing the size and the amount of RAM they take up when you load them. It will also tell you if the program is all 68k code or all PPC code, so you can’t damage a program using it. So if you have a Power Mac, and you want to reduce the hard disk space that some of your programs take up, then download Strip68k today!

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