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MyMac #20, December 1996

Opening Shots
Welcome to the 20th issue of My Mac Magazine! It’s been a long haul to get here, but My Mac is still publishing a new issue each and every month.

Looking back over our twenty-issue history, I can honestly say that we’ve come a long way. When I first started My Mac, I had no idea it would become as widely read as it is today. Of course, I credit the writers for that, as I don’t think I’m creative enough to fill a whole issue alone anymore. And, of course, the great cover art every month from Mike Gormanhelps a lot. It’s not an easy thing, creating a cover every month. But every month Mike does a fantastic job.

I used to read every electronic Macintosh magazine I could find. They’re not as popular as they once were, I think. Most of the magazines that were being published are long gone, or have turned into news reporting publications on the Web. And the new batch of electronic magazines are few in number. So where have all the good ezines gone?

Is there too much news reporting now, or is it just me? An Apple executive can’t go out for lunch without it being reported on some Web site. Yes, I like the latest news as much as the next person, and I write about some of the goings on right here on this page from time to time. But it’s getting to the point of overload! I like Macintosh computers, but I like to have fun with it, too. Too much news, not enough fun, I say.

My Mac Goes to the Movies
Okay, I admit it. I never saw ”Mission Impossible” in the theatre. I waited until it came out on video. I felt kind of guilty, what with the huge PowerBook tie-in and all, but I can now say I’m glad I waited. This movie stunk! Look, I like Macs. Tom Cruise is cool. I like the old TV series. But this movie was very lame.


Iomega and the Rebate
For those readers who have purchased an Iomega Zip Drive in the past few months with the mail-in rebate and are patiently waiting for your rebate check, be patient some more. Apparently Iomega and its “fulfillment center” (the actual company that handles the mailing of the rebate checks after receiving proper documentation) have been totally overwhelmed with the response from the computer users who have purchased the Zip. The seven to eight week rebate check delivery promise is well over eight to twelve weeks now because of the response. So be patient a little bit longer and hope that you remembered to send in all the appropriate documentation they asked for (and kept a copy for your records in case of a problem).

Hey, I am still waiting for mine!

Me too!
Adam K.


Apple’s Next OS (is anyone keeping score?)
Along with every other Mac user, I’ve been following the continuing story of the next Mac OS. Copland, Gershwin, System 8, the Be OS; I need a scorecard to keep up with the constant changes in name, projected delivery date and actual delivery date. Now Power Computing has announced that its new Power Mac models will come equipped with the Be Os installed in addition to the Mac OS. Stay tuned for the next exciting chapter, same Mac time, same Mac channel.

‘Tis the season
Well, folks, it is once again the Christmas buying season. And ‘lo and behold, not a worthwhile commercial from our favorite computer manufacturer. What is Apple waiting for? The after Christmas rush? What are they doing at Apple? I swear, at the pace Apple is setting, they may as well close up shop now and call it a day. Really! If they won’t even PRETEND they want to sell some computers, why bother?

Apple. WAKE UP!!! Will someone from Apple PLEASE call me and offer me a job in marketing?!?!?!


You asked for It!
This issue, we would like to welcome a new writer, Barbara Bell Velazquez. Barbara will be handling the ALL NEW Starting Line, a monthly column for the newer members of the Mac community. So, make sure you take the time to read her column and get involved in the fun and ease of the Mac.

My Mac is continuing to answer your requests for new information and knowledge on how to use and enjoy your Mac. Watch us as we continue to grow and learn together.


Why pay for shareware?
A lot of computer users often ask, “Why should I pay for the shareware I downloaded?“ One primary reason that you often hear is that it gives the writer/developer the incentive or capability to continue his/her work. Plus, some of the best software programs have started their existence as shareware. The latest example of shareware to “commercialware” is ShrinkWrapâ„¢, developed by Chad Magendanz, who has entered into an agreement with Aladdin Software to release ShrinkWrapâ„¢ as a commercial product in early 1997. What other shareware product is out there just waiting for the proper backing?


From All of Us…
From the staff, writers, reviewers, graphic artists and everyone involved with My Mac, we would like to wish all of our friends and readers a happy and safe Holiday Season. May all your wishes come true…

Next Issue!!!
Next month, along with the regular gang, we will look at two very cool projects in the works. Both are creating a free Operating System for the Macintosh. Both promise to include most of which Copland was to give us. OpenOS and PowerOS, with interviews with the creators, right here next month.

Also, reviews of some cool racing games! NASCAR Racing and INDY CAR racing!

Tim Robertson is the Publisher.

Russ Walkowich is the Editor.

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