My Turn
My Mac #19, Nov. ’96

Where is the trash can on your desktop? I bet it’s in the lower right hand corner of your screen. Why is that? I mean, it’s not like it has to be there! It can be moved to any spot on your desktop. You can put an alias of it in any folder you want. But for the most part, it is usually left way down at the bottom of your screen. I have a theory. Your Hard Drive icon is like a front door. Now, a Trash can is a smelly, stinky thing, and most people keep their Trash can in the back of the house. So now that you have a Macintosh computer, and you have a Trash can for throwing stuff away, you keep it as far away from your front door as you can. Thus, the bottom of your screen. But when you open a window, it is opened at the top of your screen. Would it not make more sense to put your Trash can next to your Hard Drive icon, so you won’t have to drag your garbage so far? Makes sense to me.

Still bugs me that there is no on/off switch on my Zip drive. So, I have plugged it into an extension cord, which is plugged into my Power Center (a do-hicky under my monitor that lets me selectively turn on/off anything plugged into it.) Now, rather than leaving my Zip drive on all the time, or plugging/unplugging it as I need it, I simply hit my “Aux1” button on the Power Center, and it’s on! Of course, I then use HDT Proberâ„¢ to mount it on my desktop, because any SCSI device will only mount if it is turned on either when the Mac is started up, or before. So here is a free suggestion to Iomega. Make a on/off switch. My way works, but I should not have to go through such a process to use my Zip drive.

>>>>>>>>>>>Beta software is evil. Really.<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Apple Clones

Since Apple is, technically, the only company who can call their computers Macintosh due to trademark reasons, what does that make the Mac clones? Macintosh is a cool name, but we need something to designate the line. Like PC, or Wintel.
Any ideas?

An Easier Internet

As a Macintosh consultant, I get many questions from clients who simply want to connect to the Internet. No problem. Next, they want email. Again, no problem. Then the Web. Yeah, sure, right away!

Now, after answering a thousand questions on how the Internet works, I have come to question a few things, and offer a few suggestions. None of these questions, I am sure, will be posed here for the first time, but they be an answer and a better solution.

“You mean, every time I go to a Web page, I actually download all the pictures and stuff onto my computer?”

This is the hardest thing for many people new to the Web to grasp. And it is a good question. Of course, WE know that, yes, every time you open a URL, all the information there, text, graphics, and the ugly patterns, are downloaded to your hard drive. Some of the more Web savvy users also know that this is what causes Navigator, Explorer, and all the other Web browsers to act so darn buggy. (It’s called cache.) But, really, is this the best way to view and explore the Web? I think not.

Internet providers won’t like my idea, but too bad! I think that, somehow, all the graphics you download should be stored (while you are on that page) on your ISP server. I am no programer, and I am not sure how that would work, but it would make more sense. Right now, “web surfing” should be called “downloading hell.”

email. Probably the most fun you can have with your computer. But getting your mail is a real pain. Why have POP, and SMTP, and all the other headaches? Why not be able to access your email like you do a Web page? You simply go to a URL (“”), and click on a email title. (See picture below.) The only thing you would have to do is enter you name and password. Like you do now. Attachment would be downloaded by clicking on a link. If you want to keep your email on your hard drive, you would choose “save as” from the menu, and save it as text.

Is it me, or does that make too
much sense? Now look at the
picture I made, and be honest.
Wouldn’t it be MUCH nicer to
get your email like this everyday?


Write me at: unless you really don’t want to. I mean, why would you want to? If it were me, I would not write to me. What would you say? How would you even start the letter? Hey, that’s just a little to much pressure to go through just to write me a letter. Maybe better if you don’t. Writing is no fun. I mean, I would answer your letter. Then you would feel compelled to write me back again. Then I would write back, too. Then we would have this huge, interactive email talk going. And, really, what would we talk about? If your a guy, we would talk shop. If you are a woman, I would try and flirt, but end up looking foolish, and then get all embarrassed, and not write back because I’d look like a fool.

Yeah, better not to write.

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