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Because this first letter is fairly long, I will reply after each part rather then at the end. -Tim

Dear Sirs,

Please understand that I would not be writing at all if I didn’t really like your mag. I tried your free copy and fell in Like….it could be Love if there were some alterations and additions made.

My Mac is too one-directional in its format; definitely aimed at the hackers and more experienced users. I, obviously am neither. (Just enough knowledge to enjoy what your mag COULD be for me.)

For instance, I made notes on some of the software that I might like, and since I belong to AOL I went looking. There were not enough instructions to finding “Fonts on Parade” and “Adam134” fonts, so naturally I couldn’t find them. There are some shareware reviewers who DO NOT TELL YOU WHERE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD! ie: DigiClock 2.5 (among others)

Adam134 is Adam Karneboge’s America Online address,

our resident Web Master. As for where to download software

mentioned in My Mac, it depends on where you are. AOL members

should go to keyword “Computing” and click “Search Software.”

Internet users would be best able to find software, IMHO, by going to, and performing a search there.)

Also, I quote: “For those of you using System 7.5, you can always access a Breakout game with the “secret about box” easter egg, right?”

There was no translation. What does it mean?

My fault. Our proof reader, Jim Moravec, suggested that we

elaborate on that more, but silly me did not listen. Look on

“A Few Things To Know” page in this issue for what “Secret About Box” is.

“Macs At Work” By Russ Walkowich, was a power house because of the writer and the environment. Most of what he wrote, however was in Arabic FOR ME. (I’m sure you can tell that I read My Mac from cover to cover!)

Sheri, I will pass on your kind comments to Bertie Hall. Was the problem

understanding the military talk or Mac related items? Russ

There are a lot of us Newbies out there to warrant your putting a column in just for us…

We have tried to find a capable writer for just that, but have

yet to find someone willing to write a “For Newbies” column each

month. I aimed My Mac in that direction at the start, but somewhere

along the way moved away from it. Not my intention. However, I

myself simply do not have the time to write much more than I already

do. So if there is any one out there looking to become a writer…)

How many new users know that stickies have their own parking place, and how to get there? (They do? I did not even know that! Of course, I don’t use Stickies:-) ) How many know that they can brighten up their desktop with Googool Eyes? (I am starting to feel like a “Newbie” myself! What’s Googool eyes? Sounds neat!) How many know that they shouldn’t follow an Apple tech support person blindly or they will be doing clean reinstalls and reinitializing their Hard Drive ad infinitum? How many know a quick and easy way to identify the documents they want to back up? Do they know you cannot rebuild the desktop with “caps lock” on? Etc. etc. etc.

Well, I do – now. There are many things I garnered from here and there that were help, fun, interesting, frustrating and ridiculous! But, how great it was to find that in MacHome they were talking to ME, I counted.

I love the easy, young, interesting quality My Mac has. Please help me in my quest for “MacKnowledge”

Not sure what our “young quality” is. Most of our writers are men

with full-time jobs! Which reminds me, we need some womenfolk

around here! It has been a long time since either Pam Wilson or

Carolyn Curtis graced these pages. Any female writers are encouraged

to send in their submissions! EOE!)



This was not supposed to become a novelette, so please forgive.

This was written on a Performa 6300 (the third motherboard took) with an upgrade in memory to 48mg (I see Quark express, Adobe Photoshop, etc. in my future) and memory was pretty cheap recently. I also see My Mac in my future or should I get it now? I wonder…

Thanks for listening,

Sheri Maurer (

Sheri’s letter was an eye opener for me. I agree with her critique

100%. And I want to thank her for taking the time to write us.

Without reader feedback, My Mac will never get any better.

Thanks, Sheri!

If John Sadler is having 45 minute/edition DLs with a 28.8 modem, something is seriously wrong. At the least he needs to check his AOL settings to make sure the modem speed is set to 28.8 instead of 2400 (2400 might give such an interminable DL) or he needs to change his access phone number to a clean line. With my 28.8 My Mac takes less than a minute to DL; he should not do worse.

You might let him know if you have retained his email address-there are 5 or so “John Sadler’s” on AOL, so I can’t reply directly.



Thank you for the review.

Scott Westerfield

No, thank YOU, Scott, for writing DigiClock (as reviewed last issue.)

It is people like you, who create Mac programs, be it small desktop

accessories or text editors, who make the Mac the better computing

environment. Sure, Apple did their job, but without you and those like

you, the Mac would have died long ago.

My name is Daniel M. Ramos. I recently read your article on the rumors that Apple is going to incorporate the ability to run Windows applications directly from MacOS 8.

I must say that of all the articles that I’ve read about stupid things that Apple was thinking of doing this one pisses me off the most. I have been an avid Macintosh fan and user since the machine first came out in the ’80s, and this is absolutely the worst thing Apple could possibly do to us, as users, and Apple as a non-Microsoft dependent company. There is one big thing that will happen that will kill Apple quicker than the demise of Commodore Computers if this rumor becomes fact: Apple will lose all the loyalty from Macintosh users it has garnered over the past years.

I for one would be enraged with Apple and probably write all sorts of hate mail to the company in general, and the new CEO in specific. I am a user who does not want to run any Microsoft programs on my computer at all. I refuse to upload Explorer. I will not support Microsoft in its monopolization of the computer industry, and I hope to God that Apple will not either. Think of all the neat new viruses we’ll see on our Macs if this rumor becomes fact. Apple’s greatest resource is its user loyalty, lose this and watch the world of computing go to *#@%! >:-(

Your deeply concerned Macaddict

Daniel M. Ramos

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