Tech Tips – My Mac Magazine #18, Oct. ’96

This month’s article is going to depart from my usual “how-to” information, and focus on a certain question that keeps popping up from my reader mail:
What is Apple Certified and/or how does one become “certified?”
I hope this will answer many of your questions. I do have one disclaimer though, I don’t speak for Apple and any information below may NOT be accurate (since things change all the time).

Apple certification consists of several things. I am a certified service repair technician because I’ve completed the required courses offered by Apple for their Service Providers. To perform service on any Apple branded equipment you normally have to work through an Authorized Service Provider and you must have already completed the particular course for the equipment you are working on (to fix a monitor, you must have completed the monitor course). The reason for this is:

“The most important reason for having a good Service and Support program is to ensure that customers remain satisfied with the performance of their computers. If Apple owners are satisfied, they will recommend the product and your store to their friends, and they’ll come back themselves for future purchases.”

Apple Service also tells us that the technicians must be trained so that they will know what they are doing:

“Apple’s Service Training Program Overview-
Technician Certification Requirements:
Apple’s service agreement requires that all Apple Authorized Service Provider accounts (AASP Plus and AASP) repair the following product lines:
• Macintosh computers
• Apple printers
• Monitors
All AASP Plus and AASP accounts must have personnel certified to repair these products. PowerBook certification is required for all AASP Plus and AASP accounts that perform PowerBook repairs.
To be certified on a given product line, technicians must successfully complete either the hands-on certification training, and/or pass a certification skills test-out exam.”

So what it boils down to is that you have to hook up with an Authorized Service Provider (call Apple to find out how to become one – if it is possible in your situation), complete the training for the products you want to service and adhere to their standards. You can also get the base certification (which also covers Wintel systems) from Sylvan Prometric, they can be reached at (800) 755-EXAM (755-3926).

Of course if you have any other questions I’d be glad to answer what I can. Next month I get back to my normal rantings on computer maintenance.

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