Sledgehammer v1.0.3

Sledgehammer v1.0.3

Shareware $10.00

This is a joke, right? I figure that either Lunchbox Software released this software simply to remind Mac users why we HATE DOS, or else they have a great sense of humor. Either way, I’m not laughing.

Sledgehammer is billed as a program that will open any file as a text file. Any file. Sounds like a worthwhile program at first glance. Unfortunately, I downloaded Sledgehammer and tried to use it. This is one of the worse programs I have ever had the misfortune to use.

First, Sledgehammer is not drag-and-drop. Any program that boasts the ability to “open any file” should have this BASIC trait. Not Sledgehammer v1.0.3. In fact, Sledgehammer has no Mac interface to speak of. When you launch Sledgehammer, you are presented with a DOS-like interface, where you must TYPE IN the file you want to open. That file MUST be in the same folder as Sledgehammer, or else you must also type in the path to find that file. Wow, this program sure is a paradigm of user-friendliness.

So, does the program work? No. First, it would open most files I threw at it. However, when I tried to open a Microsoft Word 6.0 file with embedded cells, Sledgehammer refused to open it. In fact, it would not even open the text part of the file.

Sledgehammer v1.0.3 is a worthless program, not deserving of anyone’s downloading time. The read me file states “Sledgehammer is Shareware. It costs $10. IF YOU DO NOT PAY THE SHAREWARE FEE, YOU ARE A THIEF.” Well, if they try to collect money from this program, then Lunchbox Software is the true thief. Stay away from this program. TextEdit Plus is a much better choice.

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