DigiClock v2.5

DigiClock v2.5

Shareware: $10.00

Yeah, I can hear you all now saying “Um, Tim? We already have a clock in our menu bar. What gives?” (Okay, pre-7.5 users are not saying that, but most of you are) While it is true you may have a good, dependable clock already, chances are you will like DigiClock better. Why? For the most important reason of all: it’s cool!

DigiClock is more than a clock. It’s also a stop watch! Ohhhh! Drooling yet? Wait, there’s more! It also has a Executive Decision Maker built right in! That’s right, this handy feature is for those of you who have a hard time making up your OWN MIND! Simply start DigiClock, hit Command-E, and DigiClock will make the decision for you!
Here, let‘s try it right now! Should I rent the house I will be looking at tomorrow? Now, let’s go to DigiClock and find out….

Well, THAT was some help ! Guess if I can’t make up my own mind, I shouldn’t expect a $10.00 shareware program to do it for me. Oh, well!

In any case, DigiClock’s features do not stop there! (I feel like I’m writing an infomercial!) DigiClock 2.5 will also display your monitor size, what system you’re running, RAM, color settings, and volume setting. Cool! (Oh, and the date!) You can also change the setting for speaker volume, time, date, and color all from a pull down menu. Hey, this is a handy little gadget to have around!

DigiClock is not an init, control panel, or any other evil system crasher. It’s an application. So, in a tight memory environment, you can always turn it off. In short, this is a cool program, with more features than I listed here. Worth the download. Scott Westerfield did a fine job on this program!

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