Shareware or Freeware?

Ever download an AVI formatted movie, only to find you can’t play it on your Mac? With AVI->QuickTime (no version given), that’s no longer a problem. Simply drag that movie to the AVI-QuickTime application, and you’re all set! Watch it with your favorite movie player as you would a QuickTime movie.

I wish I could tell you who made this, if it is freeware or shareware, or anything else for that matter! The truth is, I have downloaded this program from both AOL and various Internet FTP sites, and none have come with a read me file. And nothing in the “Get Info” window provides any useful information either. No version, no creator credits, nothing! The only thing I can tell you is that it was created on Saturday. Dec. 5 1992 and last modified on Thursday, February 18, 1993. That’s it! But it does work, and has not caused any problems on my machine running system 7.5.3. If you know who made this, please tell him he did a good job for me, won’t you?

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