Edit the UnEditable 1.0

Edit the UnEditable 1.0


Edit the UnEditable 1.0 from Bob Calandriello is a very handy utility that does what its name implies, and does it very well. Have you ever downloaded a program or document, and find the “read me” file is read only? You cannot copy, paste, or do anything with that document besides read it. Well, if you know creator codes, and have a copy of ResEdit handy, you can change that easily enough. But now, with Edit the UnEditable, you no longer need to know creator codes, or play with ResEdit.

Simply drag a simple text document to Edit the UnEditable, and it will change it to read only. Likewise, if you drag a read only document to Edit the UnEditable, it will change it to a plane-jane simple text document. It is just that easy!

It is a very small program (20K) and only uses 200K of memory. Bob Calandriello states that you cannot, however, run Edit the UnEditable from a floppy: it must be mounted on you active startup disk. This is a great program!

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