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My Mac Magazine #15, July ’96

Saying Goodbye
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Evan McCarthy for all he has done for My Mac, and wish him all the best in his future with Northwest Airlines. Evan has been a great guy to work with, but due to his new job, he will no longer be able to continue with My Mac. Consequently, the My Mac web page will be history, at least for the time being. Rest assured, it will be back, though it may not look as good as it did under the expert guidance of Evan.

So, Evan, I wish you all the best of luck, and want you to know you will always have a place saved for you here in My Mac. I shall miss your Internet Connection column in the months to come, and hope a day comes when you are able to come back and join us again. You will always be welcome here.

I, too, would like to say thanks to Ev for the great job that he has done in keeping My Mac Online up and running as one of the better Mac pages found on the Web. It’s hard enough to try and get an ezine out in time for the readers to enjoy; Ev had to take the final version, translate to HTML and get everything up and ready, and still work a full time job. I wish him continued success with his career and hope that the job will soon permit him to pass this way again.
More On the My Mac WEB page…
So, while it is true My Mac does not have a HOME page, it is not true you cannot find My Mac on the World Wide Web. Say what? It’s true! My Mac, or at least parts of it, can be found on Dustin Roberts “The Starting Line” home page. (http://home.earthlink.net/~thebean/mymac/). You will also find many old and new My Mac stuff on Pete Miners’ home page “The Macintosh Funnies”. (http://www.wolfenet.com/~pminer). Both are great pages, and offer more than simply My Mac related stuff. Both are worth checking out! (My Mac Deluxe subscribers will find Netscape bookmark files of both sites in the “Netscape Bookmarks” folder)

Welcome The MACsonian!
This issue, My Mac can be found on The MACsonian CD-Rom, a bimonthly CD-ROM publication. The MACsonian is created by and for user groups. So anyone reading this in The MACsonian, welcome! If you would like to receive My Mac monthly, see the last page for more info.! And any My Mac readers interested in The MACsonian can contact AFC MacFun@aol.com for more information on how to receive the CD-ROM.

AOL 3.0
…is coming this fall, but what can we Mac users expect? Well, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, rated a half point better than Netscape Navigator by MacUser, will now be the integrated web browser (No longer a separate launched application like AOL’s now used browser). But the big news for AOL users is the end of the dreaded “Downloading Artwork, please wait” message. Yup, AOL will now support “Place-Holder” that will allow users to either load that graphic or not. I say “It’s about time!” Sure, ArtValve does the trick, but don’t you dare visit anywhere you have not been before with it installed. It not only looks like, well, crap! but you can’t navigate anywhere. Sure, it is nice if you are hitting the same old spots over and over, but where is the fun in that?

Another great new feature is that users can now (With 3.0) embed hypertext URL links in email, much like you can with Netscape’s mail system. Plus, you can also create your email with styled text. (Hey, can’t we do that already? At least to other AOL members we can.) Users will also be able to set their startup window to the way they want it, much like the First Class communication software.

AOL keeps leaping bounds ahead of the other online services in most instances, but I think it may be in a losing battle with the Internet. With Apple, IBM, Microsoft, and every other computer and software company creating Internet savvy applications, thus making the Internet easier to navigate and use, there will come a time when the comforts of the online service is unwanted or needed. Time will tell, but for now, AOL is starting to look mighty good! New price+ better options = better service!

Iomega Zip Drive (Revisited)

In last month’s issue (My Mac #14), I reviewed the Iomega Zip Drive which I had purchased several month ago. I received an email message from a friend/reader who pointed out that I had forgotten one very important point in regards to the downside of the Zip Drive. No on/off power switch. As he put it, “How long will the mini-plug last if you yank it in and out every day? How long will the blades on the power supply last if you yank it in and out every day?” A very good question that deserves a good answer. I don’t plug/unplug it everyday. When I set it up the first day, I plugged the power supply into the surge protector and have left it there without removing it. Thankfully I don’t have to move the Zip Drive everyday to another location. But it brought up the point that when you do set up your system, set it up for the minimum amount of disturbance and rearrangement that you can. And ALWAYS make sure that you protect your Mac with a good surge protector system.

VisualBasic vs Java
Don’t expect Microsoft, in their effort to completely control the Internet, to stop with its war on Netscape. Its next target? Sun Microsystems and its Java language. In an effort to control the Internet, as they have all but done in the OS field, Microsoft will try and steal users away from Java, a very difficult programing language to learn (which is more like C or C++) and herd them toward VisualBasic, a relatively easy to learn third generation language. Will they win? Is Microsoft hedging a little TOO much on its Internet strategy? Only time will tell. As we all know, there is no end to Bill Gate’s appetite for control and dominance. And in case they loose? Microsoft has licensed Java already. Just in case…
Teachers Wanted!
Yes, this means you! Are you a teacher using a Macintosh computer in school? If so, My Mac is looking to start a new column that will focus on education, and how computers, the Internet, and Mac’s are helping (or hurting?) you in your job. We would welcome anyone who fits this criteria, and would like a monthly My Mac column, to contact either Tim or Russ.

My Mac is very interested in expanding our magazine, so we are not just limiting our search for Teachers and education. Perhaps you have an idea for a column that would fit into the future of My Mac? If so, we would be very happy to hear from you. Contact Tim at troberts@tdsnet.com or Russ at rawalk@dc.infi.net

And speaking of the future of My Mac, what would YOU like to see more of? Less of? What kind of content do you think would make My Mac a better publication? Send us your letter and let us know. My Mac is here so long as you are, and we want to keep you reading. So what is it that you would like ot read about? Any comments or ideas would be appreciated.

AOL and the New Improved Version 2.7
Well, what do you all think? Was it worth the wait or not? Is it good or not? Or is it just another “feed another crumb to the Mac people, maybe they’ll go away” story? We’d like to get your feedback on what you think of the (interim) software from the people that the Netters love to hate.

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