Apple Color StyleWriter 2200

If you have ever printed a color document on an old color printer, you know that the results can be frustrating. Apple has solved the portable printer problems with its second portable addition to the StyleWriter family. The Color StyleWriter 2200 has all the great features of any good inkjet printer, but better results, and is lighter then a Powerbook Duo. Apple has created a successful color printer that is sure to please many customers.

Sleek and Stylish
The attractive black case of the 2200 is only 2.2 inches high and 11.8 inches wide. The total weight of the 2200 is only 3 pounds, which is less than the lightest Powerbook Duo. When folded up, the 2200 can easily fit into any briefcase, and when unfolded, the top of the case lifts up to become a paper feed tray. This brings us to the first flaw I found in the 2200. There is no tray to hold the paper when it comes out, so if you are not careful, the paper could go flying anywhere. You can also use a nickel-metal hydride battery with its own attachment that screws into the back of the 2200. I myself didn’t have the chance to use this, but I can tell you that it costs around $130.

Color it Up
The main feature of the 2200 is its ability to print color documents. The color comes out slow, (about 3 minutes per page in color) but it is very high quality color, that will spice up any document. One problem is its limited paper input, as it only takes 30 sheets. If you only print a one page document, this is not a problem, but for people that like to print gospels, this one is not for you. The 2200 uses a single color cartridge, which houses all three inks in one cartridge. The problem with the color is not the quality, but the quantity. I ran out of cyan ink after printing 14 pages. This brings us to the 2200’s major flaw. When you run out of one color, you have to replace the whole cartridge, as all the inks are contained in one. A new color cartridge runs for about $29, and a black one is about $15. The black cartridge is separate, and therefore is replaced separately. I had no problem installing the cartridges, as I just popped open the top and snapped them in place. Transporting the cartridges isn’t a problem either, as the 2200 comes with a special case for the used ink cartridges.

Lots of Choices
The 2200 comes with 64 fonts, which provide a wide range of choices for text. Also included with the 2200 is a PowerPC native driver and a QuickDraw GX driver. The 2200 is capable of printing at up to 3 different resolutions. The highest resolution, 360×720 in black and white, and 360×360 for color graphics, produces sharp text and excellent graphics. The 2200 can also print with watermarks, and can print four reduced pages on a single page. The 2200 comes with a package of 200 sheets of Apple’s high quality ink-jet paper, which produces awesome results. I had different results with a couple different types of paper, so you need to decide what kind you prefer.

The Summary
The 2200 is not a printer for the high end color proofing, or even a moderate output. It runs out of ink very fast, and has a slow speed despite the native driver. If you need a high quality color proof every day, I feel that you should look elsewhere. But for an occasional flare of color to make your documents look professional, the 2200 may be exactly what you are looking for.
-Adam Karneboge

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