SndConverter Pro 2.3

SndConverter Pro 2.3

Shareware: $20.00 – $50.00

SndConverter Pro by Dejal Userware converts sound files much like the above products. While it has pretty much the same features as Now Hear This!, I am sorry to say that SndConverter is just not up to par.

During tests, SndConverter did not perform as well as either Now Hear This! or Balthazar when converting .WAV files sampled at 11.1kHz. During playback of a converted sound, a very audible “Click” could be heard either before or after (or both) in the new sound file. Neither Balthazar nor Now Hear This! produced this click after converting the same 11.1 kHz sound file, nor did the original .wav file when played on SoundMachine 2.5.2 (see next review). This “click” was present in every converted system 7 file after using SndConverter.

If you are converting .WAV files only, Now Hear This! or Balthazar would be a better choice. If you are converting many other types of sound files, I would choose Now Hear This! 2.1 before trying SndConverter Pro.

SndConverter Pro and other Dejal Userware products can be found on the Dejal home page at

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