Balthazar 1.5.1

Balthazar 1.5.1

Shareware: $5.00

Balthazar1.5.1 does one thing very well, it converts .wav sound files into system 7 sound files. (The double clickable type). With a simple drag and drop, any .wav sound file is converted into the type us Mac users can use for our system.

A neat feature (that can be turned off for quicker conversion) is that it will display the sounds waveforms. This will slow it down, so if you are doing multiple sound conversions, it would be best to disable this feature. Not only does Balthazar1.5.1 convert .wav sounds into system 7 files, but it works vice versa. (System 7 to .wav).
From the read me file “There is no guessing on the sample rate. Balthazar is intelligent and will calculate out the appropriate data.” That it does. I compared the original .wav sound file by playing it on Sound Machine, and then played the converted system7 file. No difference at all.

So if you are downloading sound files from the Internet, and find that you can only play them with Sound Machine, please give Balthazar 1.5.1 a try. Well worth the download. You can contact Craig Marciniak, Balthazar’s creator, at

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