Address Master Pro 1.5

Address Master Pro 1.5

I just came across a wonderful shareware utility , Address Master Pro 1.5 by Deb Lake. I have been using another program, FoneMate 1.5.4, by John J. Calande of InfoSoft, to make a list of phone numbers of all my international contacts. FoneMate is pretty good but unfortunately does not have enough space to record addresses and mobile phone numbers, special notations as to where you met them or why (!), etc. PhoneMate is very good for only the phone numbers and e-mail numbers. However, Address Master Pro lets you make notations, such as Edward’s mother’s birth date, or when to send flowers for your sister’s anniversary, etc.

The printing option allows you to easily make a handy 3”x 2 1/2” address booklet. It was designed to be printed on Avery 3” x 5” Index Card sheets (style #5388), but can also be used on plain paper. (Avery print sheets are expensive!)

Address Master Pro has space to accommodate all the international phone numbers starting with 011, country code, city code and has space and titles for two phone numbers and two faxes plus their home numbers, and cellular phone numbers. Address Master Pro lets you record all the pertinent info and some more. I congratulate Deb Lake. I recommend this software to all the people who are on the go, and need all the information in an instant.

Deb Lake can be reached via aol at Lake or on the Internet at

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