Notes from the Editor #11

Hi there, and welcome to issue #11 of My Mac! We here at My Mac want to invite you all to write in and tell us what you think of our magazine. (Or E-zine, as they are called) If you are reading this on the World Wide Web, please write in and tell us of your favorite sites, and what we can do to improve our humble Web page. And don’t forget, My Mac is always on the lookout for new writers. We will give anyone a chance to write here. Simply submit your work to the addess listed on the last page, and we will contact you ASAP. All submissions will be read by myself and Russ Walkowich, after which time we will contact you.

As many longtime My Mac readers are aware, I am a big Star Trek fan. (And Star Wars as well, truth be told!) As such, a few people have written in asking if there are any good Star Trek zines to read. Well, I only get one each month, but I find it invaluable as a Star Trek fan. It is called Dateline:StarTrek. In it you will find some very useful informative content, such as episode guides, ratings, movie and TV news, what the actors are doing besides ‘Trek, editorials, opinions, and much, much more.
To subscribe to Dateline:Star Trek, send a email to “”. Bill Mason would be happy to send you each monthly issue. It is free, and is a text only publication, unlike My Mac, so any computer plateform is welcome.

eWorld Off-line
By the time most of you read this, eWorld, Apple’s attempt with an online service, will stop registering new users, which means if you are not already on eWorld, you never will be. The system will go off-line as of April first, and that ain’t no fools joke. So, let us have a moment of silence for eWorld.

That’s long enough.

Apple’s next generation of PowerBooks, code named Epic, will no longer ship with grey-scale LCD displays. All low end PowerBooks will soon come standard with a color dual-scan LCD. I hear that the cost of the grey-scale LCD’s are not much cheaper then the color, so what the heck! The Epic line will also introduce the world of portable CD-Rom for travel ‘bound users. No one tell Evan McCarthy, though! He just bought a 190CS!

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