Email Home 1.0

Email Home 1.0
Shareware: $10.00

Email Home 1.0 is a fun application. Think of it as a home for your email messages that you may want to keep or use later. Email Home has scrolling list’s, title headers, copy & paste, and fun sounds for every action you do. You can also print from Email Home 1.0. David Carr put a lot of effort into this program, and it shows. True, the “ding” sound get’s a little old after a while, and I could do without the ugly green pages and yellow menu bars, but the rest of the program is very professional looking.

I have found that I use Email Home 1.0 not so much for email, but for text I may need while in another application, such as a URL address I saw posted while on America Online, and will need later with Netscape. All you have to do is put Email Home in your Apple Menu (or an alias) and it is available regardless which application you are using.

The trial version comes with five “pages”, a scrollable page you use to copy & paste your information onto. After you pay the $10.00 shareware fee, you get twenty five pages. I have never used more than three myself, as I found one page can easily contain many items of text.

One problem I have with Email Home is its lack of documentation. What are the limitations of Email Home? What can or can’t you do with it? After all the work put into this program, I would think more information should be provided.

If you need an application to hold Email or text information, give Email Home a try. I think a blank Teach Text document in your Apple menu would work just as well, and will launch just as fast, but if you want a little more flavor and options, then Email Home is for you.

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