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Welcome to issue #11 of My Mac. For long time readers, you will notice an absence of the “next page” and “last page” buttons at the end of each page. I figured most people know how to move to the next page, and those buttons add to the overall size of each issue, so they will be gone for good starting with this issue.

One more issue until we hit that magical #12! Yup, next month will be 12 issues of My Mac in print! I want to thank all the readers for helping My Mac become such a success.
On average, My Mac receives five subscription requests per day, and that figure shows no sign of slowing down. So, if you are reading My Mac for the first time, I invite you to send me a note for a free subscription. This way you will have My Mac sent to your email box direct each and every month, and it won’t cost you a dime! See the email page for address.

In this issue, My Mac would like to welcome new writer Brian Koponen! Brian has joined the My Mac staff as a regular writer, and we are very pleased to have him aboard! So from everyone here at My Mac, Brian, Welcome! (And remember, for those out there with the writers itch, My Mac is always taking submissions!). Brian also does work for another Macintosh ezine called The Real MacOy, a fine read for any mac user. (Free plug- for more on The Real MacOy, send a letter to

Of course, the regular staff of misfits are along this month as well, including Mike Wallinga, Peter Miner, contributing editor Russ Walkowich, Web Page Editor Evan McCarthy, the ever lovely Carolyn Curtis, and the Icon master himself, Adam Karneboge!

Hope you enjoy our hard work, and we look forward to hearing what you think! And remember, this is a free publication! So don’t hesitate to sign up for a free subscription! And be sure to check out MyMac Online, the home page of My Mac on the World Wide Web! There you will find the most current issue as well as a few past issues, plus some Web Only content! You have not read all of My Mac each month unless you have seen the Web page. That address, of course, is:

Thanks for reading My Mac!

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