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MyMac Magazine #10, Feb 1996

To: DS9DS9

First off, I love your ‘zine. It contains some great reviews and always makes me want more. I don’t mind a typo here and there, but organization is more my thing.

The one complaint I have is that the reviews are not all together. Things get splattered about in what appears to be a rush to send out your ezine. If it were me, I would keep all the reviews together and all the columns together in a more organized fashion.

Otherwise, you have a great ezine going and should be given a key to a city or the like. Many thanks from the entire Macintosh community.

Also, I would love to see you review a freeware rendering program called “Mirage.” You should be able to find it on AOL. If not, e-mail me and I will send it to you. I think Mirage is a pretty good program, but I have to wonder what other people think.

Thanks again for My Mac.
From: BrianKop

Thanks for the letter, Brian. While it is true that the reviews are not all lumped together in one spot, it was my intention to “spread it out”, if you will. I was not sure if readers would prefer it this way or not? I looked at it as breaking the cycle of most other magazines, trying to be a little different. You are the first person to really take note of it! Starting this issue, all the reviews will be found, together, in the middle of each issue.

Hi Tim,

I’m leaving AOL in the very near future (that sorry excuse for a Mac web browser has pissed me off for the last time) and would like to begin receiving My Mac through my internet email address.


P.S. What a great tip I found in the last My Mac: option-double-clicking on a font file gives a preview of the typeface! That tip made my life a lot easier…Thanks Tim!

Hey, glad to be of service, Rose! I was not sure how many people knew of that trick, and almost didn’t include it. After reading your letter, I’m glad I did! (Which brings me to ask other readers to please send in any tricks or tips you may know. Even if you think everyone else knows it already, there will be those who have never learned it, and you will be helping other mac uses become more productive!)
As for AOL’s Web browser, I think you said it all!

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