ZAGG Origin 2-in-1 Bluetooth Speaker System
Company: ZAGG
Price: $249.99 USD

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The days of the highly expensive component stereo systems are gone. No more turntables, tape players, CD players, tuners and amplifiers. (although I still have my complete system) The influx of Bluetooth capable speakers, headphones and everyday items has been steadily increasing over the past few years as users demand more from the items that they purchase and utilize everyday. One shouldn’t be surprised when that capability has been translated into speaker systems that provide portability and ease of use. ZAGG’s latest item, the Origin 2-in-1 Bluetooth Speaker System, provides the user with both in a well designed product that provides both in a unique way.

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About Russ Walkowich

Russ Walkowich is the longest contributing member of MyMac, starting back in 1995. He has served as writer, author, editor, and spiritual guide to a tribe of MyMac Founders in all that time.

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Zaggkeys Folio Keyboard for the iPad Mini
Company: ZAGG
Price: $79.99

The ZAGGkeys Folio has been updated. The new Folio keyboard is thin and is slightly more than a quarter of an inch. The Folio is approximately two-thirds of an inch thick with the iPad enclosed in the case. The Bluetooth keyboard utilizes a 510mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery that lasts several months during normal use without charging.


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About Vicki Stokes

Vicki is a IT professional working in the Silicon Valley. Listen to her podcast, 3 Geeky Ladies, co-hosted with Suzé Gilbert and Elisa Pacelli.

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iFrogz Coda Forte Bluetooth Headphones with Mic
Company: ZAGG
Price: $99.99 USD

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With the dramatic increases in technology and the portability of the devices that we have come to depend upon in our daily lives, logic dictates that the capability to listen to music or to have a telephone conversation would also have to improve. Bluetooth headphones have quickly become a necessity for users as they don’t wish to be “tied” physically to their devices.

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About Russ Walkowich

Russ Walkowich is the longest contributing member of MyMac, starting back in 1995. He has served as writer, author, editor, and spiritual guide to a tribe of MyMac Founders in all that time.

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ZAGGkeys PROfolio+ Keyboard Case Review

On September 13, 2013, in Review, by Nick Rodriguez

ZAGGkey PROfolio_ Keyboard Case
Company: Zagg
Price: $129.99

This review, was written on the Zagg Keys Profolio+

Let me start by saying that I am usually against these keyboard cases. In my mind and in Apples the iPad is the first post PC computer. Post PC means that having a keyboard and mouse attached to your device is no longer a must. When you put your iPad into a keyboard case like this, you are not using the most elegant solution. Not to mention these things usually have a cheap keyboard parts that really don’t work well. Lets see if Zagg can change this.


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Zagg Sparq 6000 – Review

On July 16, 2013, in Battery Packs, Review, by Nick Rodriguez

Zagg Sparq
Company: Zagg, Inc.
Price: $69.99

Man, if only I could get my iPhone to last just a couple of hours more. There are cases for iPhone and other smartphones that will keep your devices lasting much longer than they usually do. But, if you’re like me you usually carry more than one device that could use a little more juice to get you through the day. For example in my bag I’ve got two phones, a kindle, an iPad, PS Vita, and Bluetooth headphones. All these things need power, and while some of them are less crucial to getting through the day, it would be nice to have everything powered. Enter the Zagg Sparq.


I’ve been a huge fan of Zagg for a while. The only protection I keep on my iPhone and iPad is the Zagg Invisible Shield on front and back. I’ve always been really happy with them, so I was not hesitant to pick up another product from the company. The model I purchased is the 6000 mAh version. It is their top of the line battery pack claiming 4 iPhone charges before you’d have to recharge it. They also offer a 1220 mAh and 3100mAh version that will give you 1 and 2 charges respectively. I went for top of the line mainly because this is the only one that has two USB ports and has the ability to charge the iPad and iPhone at the same time. Which is a huge plus for someone who travels as much as I do.

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Selling Out
TechFan Podcast #77

On May 18, 2012, in TechFan, by Tim Robertson

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David returns from Greece to join Tim in a lively number of topics, including ASMC, iPad cases, the Zagg Keys Solo, Square, Adobe, stands for your portable devices, the Quirky Converge, USB Charging cables, PadPivot, and much more. Plus, listener feedback!

OfficeMax Mesh 4-Shelf Desk Sorter
Zagg Keys Solo
How Yahoo Killed Flickr
Qmadix USB Charging-Data Sync Cable

About Tim Robertson

Founder Podcast Host of TechFan. Owner Stoplight Network. Father of four, husband to one. Loves reading, podcasting, music, video games, the 1980s, and all things electronic and Apple.

invisibleSHIELD for MacBook Pro full body version
Company: Zagg, Inc.


After my laudatory review of the BodyGuardz protective film for iPhone, the Weeks Division of MyMac Labs received an email requesting a review from a competing film manufacturer, Zagg, Inc. requesting a evaluation of their invisibleSHIELD film product. I was curious to see what other film products were like, so a MacBook Pro 15″ full body kit was shipped posthaste to our Tucson laboratory.

At first glance, the invisibleSHIELD film appears similar to the BodyGuardz film, but at 2 millimeters thick, it’s thicker than the iPhone BodyGuardz film.

Zagg says that invisibleSHIELD is made of the same anti-erosion plastic that’s used to protect helicopter blades and the leading edges of propellors. Be that as it may, my first impression was that it looks and feels very strong. Zagg has videos of the material being tortured on their Web site.

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