Confessions of a Macworld Rookie

On January 28, 2012, in iWorld 2012, Macworld Expo 2012, by Tom Schmidt

The 2012 Macworld | iWorld show is nearly over. Today is the last day and the floor has just opened. As I sit in the press room thinking through the past days there are still a few things to look forward to, like dinner with an old friend and a ride to the airport tonight.

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About Tom Schmidt

Tom was the senior Service Technician at FirstTech Computer, an Apple Specialist in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He's been taking care of and fixing Macs since the mid 1980's, and is an an advocate for Apple Specialists ( around the USA. He can be found on Twitter as @tomdar2.

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Starting Line
My Mac Magazine #30, Oct. ’97

On October 1, 1997, in The Starting Line, by Barbara Bell

Dear Readers:

More interesting changes are taking place in the world of Apple. I read Apple bought out the Power Computing license. Is this the end of the clones? Maybe, maybe not. One thing I do know: It means one more Windoze maker (Power Computing responded by letting the world know they will become another Windoze manufacturer.) Depressing.

Now, I’ve heard both sides of the argument. One side says purchasing clones takes money and market share away from Apple. The other side states that, as a longer term strategy, clones equal more people using the Mac platform, and hey, Apple does receive royalty payments. Whichever argument you prefer, the bottom line is Apple never came across as particularly committed to their clone makers. Because they are perceived as uncommitted (or is it noncommitted?), the clones never had a chance of making money for Apple. And for users? We have fewer choices, at least for now. We’ll see what Apple has in store for us. Maybe I’m panicking…only time will tell.

On to other topics: One of the nice things about being located near a major metropolitan area are all the free seminars that come up. For instance, Apple, Adobe, and Xerox of New England are holding a “Color in Concert” seminar, showcasing the “latest Apple and Adobe updates” as well as the “newest additions to the Xerox color family.” (If you recall, the college student who color-copied $10,000 worth of $20.00 bills for his tuition used a Xerox color copier!) They always have nice giveaways at these things, too. This one is holding drawings for:

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