Scrivener 2.0 for Mac OS X

On January 4, 2011, in Apple, Apps, Creative Writing, iPad, Macintosh, Review, by Mike Breed
Scrivener 2.0
Price: $45
As a science teacher, I’ve often given thought to the idea of writing a book or study guide for one of the various disciplines I teach. Let me say that again — I’ve often thought about it, but have never actually pulled the trigger because organizing such work is daunting. When I recently dove into Scrivener, my whole perspective on writing such a piece has changed.

Scrivener might be the best word processing/writing app I’ve ever used. At $45, Latitude & Latte have also kept it reasonably priced. Scrivener is ideally suited to the needs of novelists or writers of screenplays and provides a myriad of customizable features to suit the needs of just about any writer. Many well-known professional novelists use Scrivener in their own work, and the fact that Scrivener allows work to be exported in formats used by major publishing houses makes the application even more functional.

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Hog Bay Software

On January 8, 2008, in Macintosh, Review, by David Cohen

WriteRoom and TaskPaper
Hog Bay Software

Price: WriteRoom $24.95, TaskPaper $18.95

One of the things I rapidly grew to love about the Mac platform when I came to it from Windows was the vibrant software coding scene. Windows has a lot of shareware, but much of it is poorly written, poorly maintained and written in such a way that it all looks the same.

Mac software is very different – it is often innovative and well presented, very well supported and fairly priced. A lot of this comes from the overall Mac experience, I think – if you are using a fresh and creative computing environment then it is more likely that you will be inspired to create clever software.

Two good examples of the sort of software I mean can be found from Hog Bay Software, the development company of Jesse Grosjean. Jesse has a refreshing approach to software that is summarized by the phrase ‘Less Is More’

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