Let’s get this out of the way immediately: Using the word “crash” in the name of a backup solution for your critical data is bound to bring on a serious case of bad karma. So I salute the Code 42 folks for having the chutzpah to tell it like it is when it came to bestowing a name on their ingenious backup software.

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We Do Windows For Free! Help Desk #11

Apple’s move to Intel processors has made it possible to run Windows natively on the Mac with Boot Camp or Parallels, but what about all the viruses and spyware and other threats lurking out there? McAfee, a leading security software company, states that there are over 180,000 threats that affect Windows. Here are some excellent free utilities that you can use to protect and care for your Windows installation.

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MyMac Podcast #117
Adam Christianson and Robin Williams

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Adam Christianson from The MacCast joins Tim and Chad for lively chat about his history in Macs, the current state of Apple and Steve Jobs, and much more. David Cohen reviews Take Control of Running Windows on a Mac, Second Edition. Robert Essential Acoustic Guitar and DVCreators Final Cut Pro Foundations. To wrap the show, Nemo interview one of our favorite Mac authors of all time, Robin Williams.

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The MacCast
Robin Williams
eMedia Essential Acoustic Guitar
DVCreators Final Cut Pro Foundations
The Non-Designer’s Collection
The Non-Designer’s Design Book Second Edition
Take Control of Running Windows on a Mac

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