Rocki Play – Review

On July 21, 2014, in Audio, Review, Wi-Fi, by Tim Robertson

Rocki Play
Company: Rocki
Price: $49.00

Around a decade ago, more or less, I wanted to revisit my teenage years by shopping ebay and finding and buying, my all-time favorite boombox, a Panasonic RX-C39. I LOVED this boombox so much! It was perfect for me. Stylish, good sound (for its time and for not as discriminating ears as I have now), and it was a present from Santa! I was not interested in carrying around my boombox; I wanted one that would fit on my headboard above my pillow. More, I really wanted detachable speakers so that I could place each speaker on either side of the bed, and aim it at my head for optimal listening enjoyment. And because my parents bedroom was right next to mine, I would, at night when they were trying to sleep, put each speaker right next to each ear and turn it down to the lowest volume. You could not hear the music at that volume from two feet away, let alone another room through the walls. But for me, it was very loud! Prince’s Purple Rain never sounded so good to me as a fifteen year!

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Amped Wireless RTA15 High Power 700mW Dual Band AC Wi-Fi Router
Amped Wireless
Price: $189.99

router front

REA20 WI-FI Range Extender
Amped Wireless
Price: $199.99

range front

The Amped Wireless RTA15 High Power 700mW Dual Band AC Wi-Fi Router is blazingly fast, easy to set up, and broadcasts a powerful Wi-Fi signal that enables you to stream HD programs smoothly and without interruption. There are many similar products on the market for a lower price. Some are equal to or faster than this one, but for ease of use, reliability and coverage, the RTA15 is a strong competitor and highly recommended.

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Three New Wireless Media Sharing Units — Nemo Memo Comparison

Kanex Macally Iogear Nemo

Macally WIFISD

IOGEAR MediaShair

Kanex meDrive

How low can you go? Does it make sense to save money and purchase a low-capacity iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, then extend its capacity using a wireless remote storage solution? With fast and cheap flash drives and USB external drives available, is it preferable to be thrifty when buying iOS hardware, and extravagant when considering the new types of remote and wireless personal file servers that are being released monthly?

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Seagate Wireless Plus Drive – Review

On January 31, 2013, in Apps, Hard Drive, iPad, iWork, Review, Wireless, by Curt Blanchard

Seagate Wireless Plus Drive
Manufacturer: Seagate Technology
Capacity: 1 TB
MSRP: $199.00
Wireless Plus Drive

iPads and other tablets have progressed to the point where, frequently, you can leave your laptop at home. The real limitation of these mobile devices is inadequate storage space to carry all of your files. Seagate’s Wireless Plus deftly solves this problem.


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Pioneer Elite N-30 Front View

Pioneer Elite N-30 Networked Audio Player
Company: Pioneer Electronics
Price: $499.00 USD

Pioneer, a venerable name in home audio, has come up with a pair of interesting devices to better integrate the audio part of the internet and your own digital music library into your home audio system, the N-30 and N-50 Networked Audio Players. The Networked Audio Players are part of Pioneer’s Elite product line, noted for their excellent construction and superb audio quality. Pioneer foolishly loaned me an N-30 to evaluate. I say foolishly only because I seem to attract products for review that have fundamental flaws that cause me to write far too many negative reviews. Sadly, this is one of them.

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iPad 2: The Missing Manual, Third Edition
Book Review

On January 25, 2012, in Book Review, iOS, iPad, iPad 2, by Mark Greentree

iPad 2: The Missing Manual, Third Edition
Author: J.D. Biersdorfer

Publisher: O’Reilly Media
Print ISBN: 978-1-4493-1616-7 | ISBN 10: 1-4493-1616-6
Ebook ISBN: 978-1-4493-1676-1 | ISBN 10: 1-4493-1676-X
Price: eBook US$19.99. Print US$24.99

Besides death and taxes, the only other guarantee in life is Apple will never incorporate a printed manual with any release of the iPad.

Experienced users see the benefit of no longer having a manual, while new users to the platform can be left perplexed.

Luckily O’Reilly Media and author J. D. Biersdorfer have collaborated to release iPad 2: The Missing Manual for all those consumers who wish to know more about their iPad 2.

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As our portable technology increases in performance and functionality we are forever looking for a power source. This trend is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future so we need to take additional measures to ensure we get a complete working day out of our devices.

Common sense power saving techniques are featured in this article. Some require too much compromise in functionality to be truly useful. The following guide aims to address all viable power saving techniques for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 5.

External cases such as the Mophie Juice Pack or Mobius Solar iPhone Rechargeable Battery Case assist with on-the-run power requirements, albeit with additional size, weight, and cost.

The following information is not collated by level of importance or effectiveness. In many cases a combination of these techniques added together can significantly increase your available battery power.

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The Mysteries of iOS 5 Wi-Fi Syncing

On October 18, 2011, in Apple, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Macintosh, Opinion, by Scott Willsey

One of the many promises of iOS 5 was that it would lead us out of the wired wilderness and into the modern world of over the air updates, syncing, and backups. Anyone with iPhones and iPads knows the pain of constantly having to tether their devices to their computer just to update things like podcasts, and to make sure apps and settings are backed up. Now those things can be done over Wi-Fi, provided a few conditions are met.

Two of those elements, syncing and backups, do or can involve iTunes running on a Mac or PC. Unfortunately, how this works isn’t immediately clear. I noticed another person in my Twitter stream who was equally confused about the backup portion of the equation, specifically as to when backups would occur when syncing an iDevice over Wi-Fi. I’d also seen some comments that Wi-Fi sync would only happen when the device was connected to power, which I personally knew wasn’t true. So I decided to do some testing to figure out exactly what the requirements for Wi-Fi syncing and backups were.

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Review – iPad the missing manual

On July 9, 2010, in Book Review, Features, iPad, by Beth Lock

iPad the missing manual
Author: J.D.Biersdorfer
Company: O’Reilly
Price: US $24.99 CAN $31.99
299 pages

A product as elegant and intuitive as the iPad shouldn’t need a manual, but J.D. Biersdorfer makes short work of that premise with this new title in the missing manual series. J.D. Biersdorfer has the credentials to speak about it as well, she is the author of iPod: The Missing Manual and The iPod Shuffle Fan Book, and is co-author of The Internet: The Missing Manual and the second edition of Google: The Missing Manual. She has been writing the weekly computer Q&A column for the Circuits section of The New York Times since 1998.

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WIFI in the Sky

On September 18, 2009, in Original Blog, by Rich Lefko

Wi-Fi in the sky
by Rich Lefko

Recently, I was flying home to New England from an Atlanta business trip. While I waited to board the plane, a young women came up to me and asked if I was interested in trying Delta Airlines’s new inflight wi-fi service for free. Naturally, I said yes. She gave me a card with some instructions on it to follow and I boarded the plane. I noticed an “This aircraft is equipped with Wi-Fi” sticker on the outside of the plane as I entered the cabin.

As usual, the stewardesses went through their safety ritual, but added that wi-fi was available after the plane had risen above 10,000 feet. Since I was stuck in the center seat, getting my MacBook out would have been a chore, so I decided to try this out with my iPod Touch, 2nd generation.

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The Book of Wireless, 2nd Edition

On February 29, 2008, in Book Review, by David Weeks

The Book of Wireless, 2nd Edition
A Painless Guide to Wi-Fi and Broadband Wireless
by John Ross

Nostarch Press
January 2008, 336 pp.
ISBN-10: 1-59327-169-7
US $29.95

According to the back cover, John Ross’ The Book of Wireless, 2nd Edition is targeted at readers who want a broad overview of the whys, wherefores, and hows of wireless networking. That’s a big order to fill in 336 pages, including table of contents and index.

Here’s a brief list of topics Ross covers in The Book of Wireless (BoW2 from hereon):

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Well folks, it’s got a wide screen, and Wi-Fi….but is it really the wide screen iPod I’ve been begging years for?
Sure looks like it….

I wish they had larger drives…8GB and 16GB…especially when you can get 160GB from a regular iPod touch wheel.

What do you think of the iPod “Touch?”

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