Video Nation
Book Review

Video Nation Author: Jefferson Graham Publisher: Peachpit Press Price: $29.95 US print edition, $13.95 Ebook ISBN-13: 978-0321832870 239 Pages Video Nation is a down

About Roger Harmon

First started working IT with an IBM 360 then graduated to an Apple ][. Started the Macintosh Assistance Center in 1983 to help people use the technology. In 1984 co-founded the Tucson Macintosh User’s Group ( and remain an active member. I have worked for organizations involved in radio and television production, public safety, and hospitality technology. Currently, a technology consultant helping people better utilize their Apple products and interface them with the rest of their world.

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Vote for our video!

The publisher of, Tim Robertson, was recently hired to write, film, and produce a video for The Simpsons Movie Hometown Premiere Contest by Springfield, Michigan. While all the videos online are great, we hope everyone reading this will go to and vote for Michigan!

Help MyMac’s own Tim Robertson, vote from every computer you can get your hands on, including your iPhone!

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