Video Nation
Book Review

On July 30, 2012, in Book Review, Camcorder, Features, iMovie, Macintosh, Review, Video, by Roger Harmon

Video Nation
Author: Jefferson Graham
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Price: $29.95 US print edition, $13.95 Ebook
ISBN-13: 978-0321832870
239 Pages

Video Nation is a down to earth handbook for improving the production quality of your videos, without breaking the bank. Author Jefferson Graham knows what he is talking about because he has over 300 productions under his belt as producer, director, videographer, and talent. Many times he is wearing all these hats just like you may be doing when you start. He’s been there and is very generous in sharing what he has learned, the hard way, so you don’t have to.

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First started working IT with an IBM 360 then graduated to an Apple ][. Started the Macintosh Assistance Center in 1984 to help people use the technology. That same year, co-founded the Tucson Macintosh User's Group ( and remain an active member. I have worked for organizations involved in radio and television production, public safety, health and hospitality technology. Currently a technology consultant helping people better utilize their Apple products and interface them with the rest of their world.

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On July 1, 2007, in Opinion, by Tim Robertson

The publisher of, Tim Robertson, was recently hired to write, film, and produce a video for The Simpsons Movie Hometown Premiere Contest by Springfield, Michigan. While all the videos online are great, we hope everyone reading this will go to and vote for Michigan!

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Bits and Pieces
My Mac Magazine #31, Nov. ’97

On November 1, 1997, in Bits and Pieces, by Grant Cassiday

What is the press up to? Find out every month here in Bits & Pieces!

Never a magazine to sit idly by while its social agenda fails to be properly imposed, Wired Magazine felt it necessary to point out with some disdain that with the recent resignations of Heidi Roizen and Ellen Hancock, there are no longer any senior female executives at Apple. (After all, just because many members of the board have been replaced, no one has technically been in charge for months, and the list of resignations and firings uses more ink than my StyleWriter cartridge, there’s no reason why delicately balancing the occupation of top positions by gender shouldn’t have been the top priority for the struggling company. Now that a CEO has finally been found, I’m sure all of the positions vacated in recent months can now be filled in the most politically correct manner.)

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