iOS and OS X programming books – Book Review

On January 8, 2013, in Book Review, by Steve Hammond

With success stories you’ve heard on the App Store for both iOS (Angry Birds comes to mind) or the Mac App Store (Pixelmator is a good example), you may be tempted to risk your own time and money to follow their success. In this review, I focus on two type of books. The first two books are about building a good business plan, while the last three will go deeper into the technology you need to build that app and put it for sale.

You will probably learn that it sounds easier than it really is, but nothing is impossible. Also note that for programming books, they are almost obsolete (or are missing last key features) the day they get on the shelves. So consider them as starter course, and not as the all you can eat menu.


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MyMac Book Bytes interview with JOHN TOLLETTT

On September 23, 2008, in Book Review, by John Nemerovski

Robin Williams Cool Mac Apps, Third Edition
by John Tollett with Robin Williams

Peachpit Press
ISBN 978-0-321-50896-6, 511 pages
$24.99 US, $26.99 CN, £17.99 UK (many online discounts)

Cool Mac Apps is the best book for understanding how to use the creativity and productivity software that Apple includes on all Macs: iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, iTunes, Mail, Address Book, iChat, Bonjour, Safari, iCal, Dashboard, Photo Booth, and Time Machine. In one substantial, affordable volume, readers learn what’s what, so they can fully use as many of these fine applications as they want or need to.

Chapter lengths vary depending upon how important John and Robin consider the different apps to be, and how much you can actually do with them. Their iPhoto opening chapter is a book in itself that is worth most of the modest price of the entire assemblage. The same can be said for the units on iMovie, iDVD, iTunes, and Mail. Whatever your interest, you’ll agree that “just right” is the number of pages, screen shots, and tutorials devoted per application.

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Book Bytes
MyMac Magazine #34

On February 1, 1998, in Book Review, by John Nemerovski

Mac OS8 Visual Quickstart Guide
By Maria Langer
Peachpit Press
ISBN 0-201-69645-2, 281 pages
$17.95 U.S., $25.00 Canada

Last month I reviewed four new books on Mac OS8 (See BookBytes, Issue #33, January 1998). This new book by Maria Langer arrived too late to be included.

I am rapidly becoming very fond of Peachpit’s Visual Quickstart Guide series. Each book combines informative text with outstanding graphics and screen shots on *every* page. They are “reference” books in the absolute sense: I refer to them on a daily basis. The writing is consistently straightforward, the pictures are excellent, and the price is affordable.

Every book’s design has a column of text on the outside of each page, with applicable visual components on the inside. The result is very effective for learning, and for seeing how a particular item looks on the screen.

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