Starting Line
My Mac Magazine #22, Feb. ’97

On February 1, 1997, in The Starting Line, by Barbara Bell

Dear Readers:

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what a better way to celebrate than to read “My Mac” to your loved one. Okay, maybe that’s pushing it a little bit, but I’m sure you’ll find a heartwarming way to enjoy the holiday-and still squeeze in time to read your favorite e-zine!

I would also like to thank people for their suggestions for the column. Not only are you providing lots of material on items I would never think of, but you are helping your fellow Mac user’a most noble gesture! 🙂

Speaking of which, I received some information regarding Rebuilding Your Desktop (RYD) which happens to be the very first helpful hint. First, if your “caps lock” is on, RYD will not work (thanks to Sheri for that tip! It originally appeared in “My Mac” #19 on the email page). Second, there is a nifty little freeware program called TechTool , which will RYD for you, as reviewed in an earlier issue of My Mac. (TechTool version 1.1.2 is available at the My Mac Software Library ( in the software section, under ‘Utilities’, ready for you to download!) Please note: with System 7.5.x, leave the Macintosh Easy Open Control Panel ON and the other extensions and control panels OFF when you decide to rebuild your desktop. Otherwise, your desktop may rebuild twice. Not a problem, but unnecessarily time consuming. (Thanks to “My Mac” editor, Russ Walkowich, for that information!)

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    TechTool v1.1.1

    On June 4, 1996, in Review, by Tim Robertson

    TechTool v1.1.1


    Well, the folks from MicroMat have finally released a update for all the 7.5.3 users out there, and after playing with the latest version, I can say that it works great!

    If you have not used TechTool before now, my question to you is, what are you waiting for?!? TechTool is the one program EVERY Macintosh user should have handy. What does it do? Well, with one click of a button, TechTool will rebuild your desktop (Which should be done often), Zap your Pram, and Analyze your system for any problems. Truly a handy program.

    The people at MicroMat seem very dedicated to Macintosh users, and have created an award winning program that deserves all the praise it gets. And praise is what I will give it! A great program, and now updated for system 7.5.3! Find it on AOL, or visit the micromat web site at

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