Prosoft Drive Genius 4 – Review

On May 29, 2015, in Apps, Hard Drive, Macintosh, Review, by Sam Negri

Drive Genius 4
Prosoft Engineering
Price: $99 U.S.

Drive Genius 4 (DG4) is the latest version of Prosoft Engineering’s popular utility designed to fine tune your Mac and head-off technical catastrophes. If you’ve used an earlier version, you’ll find a new and improved user interface and someadditional features.

Drive Genius flash drive

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 MXL USB microphones – Audiocast Review – Studio 1 Red Dot and AC-404

mxl red dot

MXL Studio 1 Red Dot USB Microphone 

$85 to $100 Internet pricing


mxl 404

MXL AC-404 High Performance Boundary USB Microphone

$65 to $100 Internet pricing


(Click on the play triangle symbol, above left, to begin our audiocast.)

MyMac Review Rating is 9 out of 10 for both MXL microphones, with our recommendation: excellent value and realistic sonic performance.

Download and listen here

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Did you ever listen to a podcast that you thought was going to go one way but went in another? This one goes in a third, fourth, and possibly tenth direction before never actually settling down. Will Green of the brilliant BritishMac Podcast joins the GMen in a very long, but never drags (not even for a minute) podcast and they talk about…well it’s kinda hard to describe. Go and listen.

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Guy’s App Pick: Artboard by Mapdiva $29.99
Gaz’s App Pick: Gaz likes System Preferences built into Mac OS X
People’s Pick: Steve McShane likes Flipboard by Flipboard Inc FREE!

BassJump 2
Review (and Conundrum)

On November 30, 2011, in Apps, Audio, Macintosh, Music, Review, Speakers, by John Nemerovski

BassJump 2 USB-Powered Sub Woofer Speaker

MacBook Pro, Air, and MacBook built-in speakers are lousy, especially on the low end of the audio spectrum, often called the bass range. TwelveSouth’s new BassJump 2 allows frustrated Mac laptop listeners to boost the bass range with simplicity.

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The Little Mac Book, Lion Edition
Author: Robin Williams
Publisher: Peachpit Press
ISBN-13: 978-0-321-77658-7, 216 pages
Price: Paperback US$15.99, Book + eBook Bundle US$21.59, eBook Only US$12.79

The Little Mac Book is a long running series of books which many Mac users, including myself, have been exposed to when first attempting to use the Mac platform.

I came across this series when it was in its third edition detailing the Mac OS 7.1 operating system. From then to now the author, Robin Williams, has continued to write this newcomers guide for the Mac. She also co-wrote, along with many other titles, the Mac OS X Lion: Peachpit Learning Series, which takes a deeper look into Mac than The Little Mac Book permits.

What I came across in that initial book from 1993 was every piece of information a new user needed to know to get the most out of their Mac. Fast forward to 2011 and the Lion edition of the series delivers the content in the same comprehensive and easy to follow method. Information is relevant and can be applied by users at both entry and medium skill levels.

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Many people are afraid of the System Preferences window on the Mac. They are afraid they will change a setting that will make the computer stop working or even blow up. The system preferences are nothing to be afraid of. In fact, you can use the system preferences to customize your Mac to your liking.

I have discussed many of the preferences in the past, like “Desktop & Screen Saver”. Today I’ll talk about four other system preferences and how you can conquer those fears of changing the settings on your computer.

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