Best 2015 New Audio Gear – RIVA Turbo X Speaker and thinksound rain2 In-Ear Headphones – Nemo Memo
RIVA Turbo X Premium Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Riva Audio
$349 U.S.

black RIVA

rain2 In-Ear High Definition Headphones

rain partial

The best new audio gear is produced by small, independent companies that develop innovative approaches to the sonic experience.

RIVA Turbo X Premium Portable Bluetooth Speaker is the size of a small loaf of bread, but weighs a lot more and sounds great. Its rectangular edges are rounded and contoured, with magnificent attention to detail in the physical product. Design is stellar, and functionality is effortless. The unit is available in either all black or all white.

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Melody Wireless Bluetooth Speaker — User Report Review



full melody speaker

You are familiar with surround sound, but do you know about round sound and around sound?

Soundcast’s new Melody Bluetooth wireless speaker is the ultimate Beach Boys fantasy come true: Round round get a round I get around! Melody is round in shape, and it gets around, going everywhere with you with its round array of speakers and built-in handle. The case is weatherproof, but don’t leave it outdoors in a Hawaii downpour, Arizona summer day, or Minnesota blizzard.

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Crossfade LP2 Over-the-Ear Headphones
Company: V-Moda

Price: $199

I received the V-Moda LP2 Over the Ear Headphones for review and my first impression when I saw the box was, “Wow, these are quality headphones!”

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Arctic Cooling P531 headset, Arctic Cooling M571 mouse
Company: Arctic Cooling
Price: headphones $66.55, mouse $29.95

The Arctic Cooling P531 headset and M571 mouse are both designed for gamers, the aim being to support features common to modern games at a price only somewhat above that of generic headsets and mice. Starting with the Arctic Cooling P531 headset, this includes headphones, a microphone, and a controller that provides on-the-fly adjustment of 5.1-channel surround-sound output. The headphones have soft fabric ear cups and flexible connections to the headband, and the microphone is mounted on a flexible arm that can be folded out of the way when not in use.

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