PhotoPlus Expo Report

Frank give us a look at the PhotoPlus Expo last week in NYC. Looks like a fun event all serious photographers should attend!

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MyMac Podcast

Tim and Chad rant and rave about Sony, Mac OS X 10.4.3, and Eminem iPod commercial. They also look at some fun stats.

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Mr. Nice Guy, the podcast you are not listening to, but should be. (web and iTMS links), our Podcast Sponsor
Keys out of Order article
USB NES Controller

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eReport – the Cell Processor

IBM, Toshiba and Sony got together in 2001 to create an alliance for a new type of processor called the Cell Processor. This revolution could change the industry. Finally, they started giving out details, and will producing chips before the year is out. This report that details all the information I could gather about the design, and analyzing what it is likely to mean for Apple and the industry at large.

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