Snapseed for Mac Review

Snapseed Company: Nik Software iTunes link Price: $19.99 When a photo editing application arrives for the Mac for the price of iPhoto I always

About Donny Yankellow

In addition to writing for since the Fall of 2005 he is an art teacher, freelance artist/illustrator, and is a father of one son. Donny is also the author/illustrator of several children's ebooks. Donny's degree is in Visual Communications and he hold certification in K-12 Art Education. His hobbies (besides Mac and Apple stuff) include soccer, animation, and reading anything written by Stephen King.

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App Catch
Pocket Sized Podcast #30

Download and listen to the show here Subscribe in iTunes, it’s FREE! It’s App Catch Week at the old Nickel and Dime podcast. SuzĂ©

About Scott Willsey

Scott is a long time Apple enthusiast whose first personally owned computer was the original 128k Macintosh introduced in 1984. He has 35+ years of computing experience, working with Apple II, Mac OS X, Windows, and a variety of flavors of Unix and Linux, and (of course!) iOS. Scott can be reached on Twitter at @scottaw and his website is at

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