Snapseed for Mac Review

Snapseed Company: Nik Software iTunes link Price: $19.99 When a photo editing application arrives for the Mac for the price of iPhoto I always

About Donny Yankellow

In addition to writing for since the Fall of 2005 he is an art teacher, freelance artist/illustrator, and is a father of one son. Donny is also the author/illustrator of several children's ebooks. Donny's degree is in Visual Communications and he hold certification in K-12 Art Education. His hobbies (besides Mac and Apple stuff) include soccer, animation, and reading anything written by Stephen King.

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App Catch
Pocket Sized Podcast #30

Download and listen to the show here Subscribe in iTunes, it’s FREE! It’s App Catch Week at the old Nickel and Dime podcast. SuzĂ©

About Scott Willsey

Scott is a long time Apple enthusiast whose first personally owned computer was the original 128k Macintosh introduced in 1984. He has 35 years of computing experience, working with Apple II, Mac OS X, Windows, and a variety of flavors of Unix and Linux, and (of course!) iOS. Scott can be reached on Twitter at @scottaw and his website is at

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