Aviator Edit custom over-ear headphones
$200 U. S.

User Report Review

Original $150 black Aviator headphones are reviewed here on Pocket Sized Podcast #20 starting at 36:53 into the show.

How much extra is it worth to you to have custom colored headphones? If the answer is in the $50 range you are in luck. Skullcandy’s new Edit model of Aviator over ear headphones can be customized almost infinitely: headbands, frames, caps, and cord.

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Mix Master Premium Over-Ear DJ Headphones
Company: Skullcandy
Price: $300

Skullcandy is now in the upper bracket niche market with these high profile multi-purpose headphones. Mix Master Mike, a top-tier DJ, worked with the company to develop this colorful product lineup.

Reviews on the company’s web site and from independent reviewers are mostly positive. Read them in addition to this user report before you decide to purchase. If possible, buy from a store that has a generous return policy if the fit and sound are not to your liking.

One thing is guaranteed: Mix Master headphones are different. How will these differences appeal to you? Read our evaluation below.

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Soulra Solar Powered iPod Speaker
Company: Eton
Price: $180 to $200 online

Superpipe Battery Powered iPod Speaker
Company: Skullcandy
Price: $70 to $100 online

Eton’s Soulra is the most innovative portable iPod speaker/dock and audio player we have evaluated at MyMac. Charge its Li-Ion battery with the included AC power unit and play Soulra anywhere and everywhere for four hours. Flip open the built-in solar panel charger and continue trickle charging while enjoying your music. When inclement weather dampens your picnic, or when you are at the beach, fold closed the hinged solar panel and listen to the weatherproof sealed unit.

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Pelican i1015
Company: Pelican
Price: $27 on Amazon

iPods and iPhones fit snugly in this hard plastic protective case from Pelican. The inside of the case is padded with rubber bumpers and also contains  an input for your earphones. Put your iPod in the case, connect the provided cable to it, lock the case with the snug and secure latches on the side and then connect your earphones to the external jack and you’re ready to go. The Pelican case feels secure and comes with a lifetime guarantee. I keep mine on the front seat of my car with my iPod in it and it’s hit the floor a few times on sudden stops. Both the case and my iPod still look like new. The case comes with a carabiner (or D-clip). You can start your music, lock the case and hang it on your belt or backpack. Another handy feature: The rubber rectangle inside the case that serves as a cushion for the iPone or iPod has a space under it where you can easily store your headphones . Everything rides in the same box and all of it is practically indestructible. Nice.

One caveat: The company says the case is not designed to be submerged in water. Don’t use it for swimming.

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iPod accessories reviewed

On May 29, 2008, in iPod, iPod Classic, Review, by John Nemerovski

i.Sound AudioDock for iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation
Company: i.Sound

Price: $40

i.Sound does it again. Their dreamGEAR and i.Sound audio products continue to impress MyMac for innovation, value, and best-in-class sound quality. This tiny speaker system for Gen2 shuffle iPod has a surprisingly rich sound.

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Skullcandy FMJ iPhone earbuds/microphone
Skullcandy, Inc

Price: $79.95

Skullcandy; now there’s a naming success. Skullcandy’s a little company that markets a wide selection of headphones, earbuds, and accessories. I’ve never had any trouble remembering this firm’s name! Skullcandy’s target audience is the skater/hiphop crowd, but don’t let that (or their too-cool-for-school website design) drive you away, even if you lean more to the fuddy-duddy side of the spectrum.

Skullcandy sent the Weeks Division of MyMac Labs review sample of their iPhone FMJ earbuds/microphone. FMJ stand for “Full Metal Jacket.” I wonder if the marketing people have seen the 1987 Stanley Kubrick film titled with this expression.

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