Bye Bye Standby Remote Power Switch – Review

On August 4, 2014, in Features, Review, by Curt Blanchard

Bye Bye Standby Remote Power Switch
Manufacturer: Bye Bye Standby, Inc.
MSRP: $16.95 as reviewed
Bye Bye Standby

This is not a new product. It is a very good one that I have used successfully for a couple of years. Many MyMac readers will find it useful.

Have a collection of power-hogging devices plugged in under your desk? How about all the audio/video appliances in your living room entertainment center? Instead of rooting around on your hands and knees to unplug a device, consider the convenience of being able to simply press a button on a remote. The awkwardly-named Bye Bye Standby is made specifically for this purpose.


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Audioengine’s D1 Saved My Marriage
Audioengine D1 Premium 24-bit DAC (digital-to-analog converter)
Price: $169

D1 product

My Panasonic digital television does not have a headphone port. Why have TV manufacturers removed headphone ports from our equipment? How are people supposed to use headphones now? Why are we suddenly not interested in using them?

When I stream audio/video content from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, or the iPad/iPhone, using an AppleTV or Roku box, there needs to be a straightforward way to listen with headphones without disturbing my wife reading in the living room. Audioengine’s D1 digital-to-analog converter is the solution and marriage saver.

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There are three ways product reviewers respond to all the gadgets and gizmos we receive: dislike and send them back promptly, use them for a while but not long-term, or keep them forever even if it means parting with hardly-earned cash. The new and favorite items discussed below can be proud to be in the latter group.

Apotop AP-U2 32GB USB2 External Storage Tiny Drive — available in five colors
Price: $40 Internet price


As I write this article, Apotop’s exceptional new AP-U2 barely-external flash drive is inserted into one of my MacBook Pro’s USB ports. I am copying my entire 21.4 Music Folder from my Home Folder onto the remarkably small AP-U2, with its 32GB capacity.

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Allaire ARIS Speaker System
Aperion Audio
$334 with Bluetooth adapter

ARIS 1 Nemo

Aperion Audio hits another home run with its innovative Allaire ARIS powerful one-piece speaker. The well-designed physical unit is heavy and loud, and the sound quality is impressive. If you have been shopping for a premium plug-in speaker that works either with an audio cable or Bluetooth wireless connection, stop looking and start listening to ARIS.

ARIS is not battery powered, there is no remote control unit, and no wireless audio capability is built-in. You will need to plug ARIS into an AC outlet. With the optional and modestly priced Avantree Roxa Bluetooth Music Receiver,  your audio source can be anywhere within an enormous range of ARIS and perform at top quality using iOS or other device’s Bluetooth signal.

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iP4 Portable Boombox with FM Radio
for iPhone and iPod with 30-pin Dock Connector
Available in Black, Blue, or Pink
Company: iHome Audio
Price: $200

User report review

Attention to detail. Retro-techno. Custom equalization. Fully portable. Fashion statement. Imaginative design. Conversation piece. Decent FM radio. Loud. Accurate midrange and treble. Rich bass tones. Suitable for all genres. Magnetized remote. iPhone/iPod security brace. Massive rubberized handle. Written manual.

The boombox is back. Are you happy with this news, or are you running for cover? Today’s iPhone/iPod boombox is very different from its predecessors. iHome Audio’s iP4 is fully digital, sonically accurate, and ready to rock or help you relax, as you prefer.

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Griffin Technology’s HELO TC Assault

On August 28, 2012, in iOS, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Review, by Peter Nikolaidis

HELO TC Assault

HELO TC Assault
Company: Griffin Technology
Price: $59.99

Every now and then I get a chance to play with a cool new toy. Usually, by “new cool toy” I’m referring to some computer-related tool, self-defense weapon, firearm, or bicycle. This time, it’s a genuine toy. I’m referring to the Griffin HELO TC Assault remote control helicopter.

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Dragon IP 100 Table Top Speaker System
S. E. M. Audio Laboratories 
Price: $251 US plus shipping

Available from company direct store via PayPal purchase

“It’s stylish, John, in a Museum of Modern Art way,” says Barbara, my wife. “I like the look of this new speaker you’re reviewing.” She is fussy, so that’s serious praise. “It doesn’t look like other speakers you review, because they aren’t very attractive. Why does it have that big silver front piece?” It’s brushed aluminum for a premium designer feel, according to the company.

Concerning the sound, “After you determined how to get the controls figured out, it sounds good,” she adds. “At first I was disappointed with the music playback, but once you turned up the volume and got your equalizers happy, I enjoy listening to your demo playlist both for primary and background music.”

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Zona Wireless Speaker System

On April 8, 2011, in Audio, Features, iPod, Macintosh, Speakers, Wireless, by John Nemerovski

Zona Wireless Speaker System
Aperion Audio
$499.00 per set of two, including transmitter, with free shipping and 30-day audition

Aperion Audio’s Zona Wireless Surround Speaker System is the best wireless speaker setup we have had the pleasure to use. Zona delivers top quality audio reproduction with every source device from iOS to computer, from stereo system to home theatre.

Two powered bookshelf speakers and one transmitter make up the basic Zona package. Additional speakers can be added using the same transmitter. Clear audio is delivered at a range of over 100 feet.

Individual speakers are solidly constructed with an attractive all black industrial design using a molded polycarbonate shell and a snug fabric front section. Each speaker is smaller than a shoe box, yet delivers a full, rich reproduction of music and voice. All the necessary cables and connectors are provided for running Zona speakers from different equipment.

Zona RIGHT speaker on the right, next to a "real" home theatre speaker


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LogMeIn Free and LogMeIn Ignition

On March 23, 2011, in Features, by Scott Willsey

LogMeIn Remote Access
LogMeIn Ignition
Company: LogMeIn, Inc.
Price: Free for LogMeIn Free
$29.99 for LogMeIn Ignition iPhone/iPad app


My favorite applications and services are ones that do one thing and do it very well. Even better is if they have a great name that’s simple and descriptive of what they do. LogMeIn Free and LogMeIn Ignition from LogMeIn, Inc. are just such products. They allow you to remotely login to a computer that you have installed the LogMeIn software on either through the web (LogMeIn Free) or from your iPhone or iPad (LogMeIn Ignition).

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Two small, versatile, high-value computer accesssories:

Presenter Pro Remote with Green Laser

$50 to $230, depending on capacity

In commando, stealth mode, I strolled casually into a retail store featuring computers by a well-known company from Cupertino. I unscrewed the base cap from LaCie’s XtremKey deluxe all-terrain USB flash storage drive, exposing its USB plug tip. I discretely inserted XtremKey into a rear USB port on a new iMac, and its icon mounted instantly on the computer’s Desktop.

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