PowerBase 240

On February 2, 1997, in Review, by Adam Karneboge

PowerBase 240
Company: Power Computing, Inc.
Estimated Price: $2,095

If you’re looking to buy a new Power Mac, but you really can’t afford the pricey 604e processor, you may really want to consider what Power Computing has to offer! Based on the Alchemy architecture, the PowerBase 240, although the price doesn’t show it, is anything but low-end! With a 603e processor running at a blazing 240mhz, the PowerBase 240 is giving 604-based desktop systems a run for their money!

What’s Inside
The PowerBase 240 features a PowerPC 603e processor running at 240Mhz, a 256K Level 2 cache, 16 Mb of EDO (Extended Data Out) RAM, 2 Mb of VRAM, a 1.2 GB IDE hard drive, and an 8x CD-ROM drive. This also includes the keyboard and mouse. The PowerBase also comes with a great first-rate software package, making this computer a steal at $2095.

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