Intensify Pro – Review

On November 14, 2013, in Photography, Review, by Curt Blanchard

Intensify Pro
Developer: MacPhun
Mac App Store price: $59.99
Intensify Pro


Adobe has chosen to charge for Photoshop use of its professional Creative Cloud software on a subscription basis. This monthly fee is beyond the reach of many small businesses, semi-pro photographers, and home users. As a result, a flock of new photo editing applications are rapidly being released. The quality and features of these new downloadable competitors range from inexpensive one-trick ponies to comprehensive full-featured editors.

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Portrait+ for Mac – Review

On June 27, 2013, in Macintosh, Photography, Review, by Curt Blanchard

Portrait+ for Mac
Developer: ArcSoft
MSRP (download): $161.99

Facial enhancement on photographic portraits is a process that requires skill, experience, and patience. Removing a blemish is relatively easy, but getting skin smoothing and shine removal done well is more difficult. One-click facial enhancement with Portrait+ is instant and the results are often startlingly effective.


Before and After.

Portrait+ includes 19 preset Style fixes and 8 preset Makeup settings; all are one-click fixes. For more granularity, there is a DIY panel with 8 adjustment sliders for additional fine grain tweaking—Soften Skin, Remove Shine, Brighten Eyes, Remove Circles, Whiten Teeth, Enlarge Eyes, Deepen Smile, and Slim Face. The latter three are dimensional distortions that reshape facial features. They need to be used with restraint.

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Flame Painter – Review

On June 24, 2013, in Apps, Review, by Donny Yankellow

Flame Painter
Company: Escape Motions
Price: $29.99 personal $59.99 pro
Available in the Mac App Store


When I first saw Flame Painter by Escape Motions I didn’t know what to make of it. Is it a paint program? Is it an effects program? Well, after playing with it for several weeks I’m leaning towards more of an effects program, although there are some fantastic examples of it as a paint program on the company website.

In simple terms Flame Painter lets you paint with different types of brushes on a blank canvas or a pre made image or photo. The brushes are not you ordinary brushes. They are flames, or ribbons, or strokes of color. The company calls them Flame Brushes and Flame Painter has a bunch of pre made flame brushes ready to go. There are also customizable settings to make the brush exactly how you want it. These brushes range in all different styles and colors. You can also use each brush in three different modes. It can be used in flame mode, follow mode (more like a traditional brush), and ribbon mode.

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Snapheal v2.2 – Review

On February 14, 2013, in Macintosh, Photography, Review, by Curt Blanchard

Snapheal App (v2.2)
New version: 2.2
Developer: MacPhun
Price: $29.99 (For a limited introductory period: $9.99)
Snapheal app



Snapheal does what Photoshop’s Content Aware Fill tool does and much more. With it, you can erase unwanted items and flaws from your photos. Snapheal creates a matching fill area by analyzing the surrounding pixels. The results can be stunning: Remove extraneous people from a landscape, erase facial flaws, remove flotsam from a beach scene, even clean up scratches and dust from scans.

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Snapheal App

On December 11, 2012, in Mac OS X, Macintosh, Photography, by Curt Blanchard

Developer: MacPhun
Version: 2.1
Price: $19.99 – Mac App Store (Introductory price for a limited time $9.99)
Snapheal App

One of Photoshop’s many features is the ability to remove unwanted objects or people from a photo with a fancy-sounding technique called Content Aware Fill. For a fraction of the cost, you can achieve the same result with Snapheal from MacPhun. In addition, you can also fix old scanned photos, erase text, adjust exposure and saturation, and more.

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