Drunk On The Apple Kool-Aid

On November 16, 2012, in Opinion, by Mark Greentree

Love them or loath them, the community of Apple users are passionate about upgrading their hardware on a regular basis. Although, it is often beyond reason and common sense. It is a sickness that borders on obsessive compulsive behaviors.

Every few months Apple will hold a press conference to announce the next big thing. For weeks before, and in some cases months, the rumor mill will work overtime in an attempt to pre announce the latest product. The aim is to win the blogger wars and maintain bragging rights.

Between the misinformation and the downright ludicrous stories, legions of people cling to every word. In essence it is propaganda and driven purely by advertising revenue. Break a few stories and your site can be self supportive. But of course, don’t worry about your integrity. That no longer exists in the realm of the bedroom blogger.

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About Mark Greentree

Mark Greentree is the principle blogger and podcast creator of www.everydaymacsupport.com. His aim is to inform users at all levels of experience how to get the most out of the Apple hardware and associated software. He is also the lead host on Not Another Mac Podcast, an Apple based round table discussion with Mac users and experts from all over world.

Not Another TechFan Podcast
TechFan Podcast #53

On October 28, 2011, in Podcast, TechFan, by Tim Robertson

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On this episode of Not Another Tech Fan Podcast Mark is joined by Dennis Freitas, Jeff Bradbury and Kelly Spore.
We discuss on this episode: G+ and social networking, Technology in education, and RANT: Our likes and dislikes at the moment

Mark can be found at http://about.me/markgreentree and his podcast is Not Another Mac Podcast.
Dennis can be found at http://about.me/dennisfreitas and his podcast is Google Plus Today.
Jeff can be found at www.TeacherCast.net and his podcast is TeacherCast.
Kelly can be found at http://kellysworld.net/


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About Tim Robertson

Founder MyMac.com. Podcast Host of TechFan. Owner Stoplight Network. Father of four, husband to one. Loves reading, podcasting, music, video games, the 1980s, and all things electronic and Apple.

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