My New Mac
Book Review

On December 20, 2011, in Book Review, Macintosh, by Neale Monks

My New Mac
by Wallace Wang
No Starch Press
Price: Paperback $29.95 (ebook $23.95)
ISBN 9781593273903
xxii + 481 pp

A bit over three years ago I compared two Macintosh books for beginners, David Pogue’s Mac OS X Leopard Edition: The Missing Manual and Wallace Wang’s My New Mac. To cut a long story short, they’re both good books, but aimed at somewhat different audiences. The Missing Manual covers just about every aspect of the Mac operating system, giving power users the information they need to do all sorts of different things. But it doesn’t actually tell a new Mac user what they can do with their computer. To get the most from The Missing Manual, you need to have a fair idea of what you want to do first.

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Publisher: No Starch Press
Series: The Manga Guides
Price: Paperback from $19.95, e-books from $15.95

When I’m not working as a writer, I teach high school biology and physics. Putting together a reading list for young scientists is easy enough for biology thanks to the wide variety of books written about natural history and human biology. But when it comes to physics, outside of astronomy there really isn’t a huge amount to choose from. Relatively few authors have put together accessible books on things like Newtonian mechanics or basic electrical engineering, perhaps because these subjects aren’t particularly photogenic. It’s easy enough to illustrate a book about the stars and planets, but how would you illustrate a book about Newton’s laws of motion?

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Which iPad book is best for you?

Three iPad titles reviewed by guest writer Howard Nemerovski

iPad Made Simple
by Martin Trautschold and Gary Mazo
ISBN 978-1-4302-3129-5, 703 pages (all grayscale)
$29.99 US

My New iPad — A User’s Guide
by Wallace Wang
No Starch Press
ISBN 978-1-59327-275-3, 346 pages (all grayscale)
$24.95 US, $31.95 CN

iPad the missing manual
by J. D. Biersdorfer
O’Reilly / Pogue Press
ISBN 978-1-44938784-6, 299 pages (full color) plus missing CD

Our guest reviewer Howard Nemerovski explains why one of these three titles will serve you well as a guide to becoming a power iPadder. Take it away, Howard.

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The Artist’s Guide to GIMP Effects
Book Review

On December 17, 2007, in Book Review, by Neale Monks

The Artist’s Guide to GIMP Effects
Michael J. Hammel

Published: No Starch Press
ISBN 978-1-59327-153-4
Paperback, 360 pages, $44.95

GIMP, or the GNU Image Manipulation Program to give it its proper name, is a graphics-editing program broadly similar to Adobe Photoshop in terms of functionality. The GIMP is an open source program that can be freely downloaded and installed on most computers, including maps. But on the downside it doesn’t come with a manual, so figuring out how to use GIMP can be tricky.

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Ending spam by Jonathan A. Zdziarski
Book Review

On August 29, 2005, in Book Review, by David K Every

Ending spam: Bayesian content filtering and the art of statistical content filtering
by Jonathan A. Zdziarski

No Starch Press
ISBN: 1593270526
Price: $39.99 U.S.

In case you haven’t noticed, I agreed to many book reviews. I enjoy reading and learning, so the idea of free books appeals to me. Especially on topics I enjoy; and Spam has always been an interest of mine.

First, I must say that Johnathan Zdzarski picked a great publisher. Many publishers just throw promo copies of books to the four winds to fulfill their contractual obligations, or count on their name or the brand recognition of the book series, and you never hear from them again. Not with No Starch Press. Patricia Witkin does her job and was all over me, making sure I did my review, and available for input. Some writers get whiney about a publisher holding their feet to the fire; but I am in awe, that in this jaded world, there are people like her doing her job so well. Seriously, if I put out my own technical book, I’m going to target them first — even if they aren’t the largest publisher, they do their job of promotion.

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Apple Confidential 2.0 – Book Review

On March 1, 2004, in Book Review, by Russ Walkowich

Apple Confidential 2.0- The Definitive History of the World’s Most Colorful Company
by Owen W. Linzmayer
No Starch Press
ISBN 1-59327-010-0
$19.95 U.S., $29.95 CN
323 pages

Back in 2000, I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Mr. Linzmayer’s first Apple Confidential book, and thought that he had done an outstanding job of presenting the visible and the behind-the-scenes story of Apple Computer. Mr. Linzmayer, a freelance writer and author, had taken his time to delve into the depths of the company that we all love to hate and produced a great book that worked to explain the mysteries of Apple.

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