The Reader Writes
October 1997 – Issue 30

On October 1, 1997, in Opinion, The Reader Writes, by Daniel Corkery

This page is where we give one of our readers a voice to express his or her thoughts and views regarding the Macintosh experience. Whether you’re upset with Apple, have a shareware review you want to share, or just want to inform everyone about your current AOL problems, the choice is yours. Please send all submissions for this page to

This month, we turn this page over to Daniel Corkery, who originally wrote this piece to shut everyone up on the whole Apple/Power Computing deal. He was gracious enough to send it over My Mac’s way, and we are happy to present it here for your reading pleasure! Be sure to send him some e-mail after you read it.

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Bits and Pieces
My Mac Magazine #29, Sept. ’97

On September 1, 1997, in Bits and Pieces, by Grant Cassiday

What is the press up to? Find out every month here in Bits & Pieces!

TIME Magazine was all over the story of the Apple/Microsoft alliance in its August 18th issue. This was not because of TIME’s vision of Apple’s importance in American life. It wasn’t even because of the important support that Macs enjoy within the publishing community. It had a lot more to do with some promising behind-the-scenes negotiating done by Mr. Jobs. Behind-the-scenes is a relative term here, of course, because the Jobs/TIME deal was right on the cover of TIME, neatly wrapped up in the word “Exclusive.”

We all know Apple has taken a beating in the press for the last several years. The market share has dwindled, the stock has dropped, and the marketing agency has been fired. What Apple needs more than anything is good press, wide exposure, and a vision of a rosy future. What better way to serve this purpose than an artfully composed black and white photo of Apple’s new leader on the cover of America’s most well known magazine adorned with the words “The World’s a Better Place”? Advertising can’t buy that.

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Am I being too negative as of late? Some of you seem to think so. I have always been a little harsh at times, which is my nature. A good example of this is during the NFL football season. I am a huge Detroit Lions fan, and never miss a game. When they are winning or losing, I am right here watching the game. Last year, they had a very poor record, but I’m still a fan. Many of my friends who always proclaim their devotion to the team when the season starts, but end up buying Green Bay Packer hats five months later, may be able to root for a winning team, but at least I’m faithful. It’s always easier to root for the champion or whomever is most likely to win. It takes real courage to stick by someone, or something, when the future may not look so bright. And like my devotion to the Lions, I’m also faithful to the Macintosh computer platform, even though it appears to be in trouble at times. And that’s when I get negative.

Now, my negative prose often lands me in the hot seat with some readers. “Why are you talking about the bad stuff? Why not talk about all the GOOD stuff Apple is doing?” Some of you say. Truth is, I care so much about the success of the Mac, that I tend to “ride” Apple a little harder than I sometimes should. I do the same thing with the Lions.

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