The Mod Squad

On September 4, 1996, in Opinion, by Eric T Manchester

The origin of the MOD isn’t mysterious. They aren’t strange alien creatures from Mars that just landed. MODs have been around since the days of the Amiga. The Amiga used the chip that fathered the Mac, so it was inevitable that they would show up on the Mac. MODs don’t just exist on Macs and Amiga machines, they exist on PCs, Unix, Sun and probably even CGI machines. The best part is that they don’t need any special translation or conversion to be passed from one platform to another. Throw it on a disk or attach it to email and poof! Music!

MODs have many faces. MOD, MADF, MADG, MADH, MED, XM, S3M, 669, and MTM. File names usually follow some sort of a DOS-like format, meaning filename.(MOD, MAD, MED, S3M, 669, XM, MTM). For example, distant.mod is a MOD called “Distant Call.” Be careful though, names can be deceiving. It may be called Blues.S3M, but that don’t mean that it’s blues music!

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Music on a Mac

On May 4, 1996, in Opinion, by Brian Koponen

MIDI and MOD: Music on a Mac

The Mac was seen as a toy in its infancy, but a few industries found a use for it, and it caught on. The music industry was one of them. They came up with a great technology, called MIDI. There is an similar upcoming technology called MOD.

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Any composer can tell you that this is a great thing. To use it, three things are needed. The first one is a MIDI-compatible keyboard. (Today, most decent keyboards are) Second, you need a MIDI interface. This is just a small box that, in its simplest form, attaches the keyboard to the Mac. The last thing needed to do MIDI is the software. More specifically, a sequencer.

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