TechTool Pro 2.0

On June 2, 1998, in Review, by Adam Karneboge

TechTool Pro 2.0
Company: MicroMat Computer Systems, Inc.
Estimated Price: $99.99

TechTool Pro 2 Picture

It’s not very often that a really good diagnostic utility comes
around, and until TechTool Pro 2, Norton Utilities was my choice for fixing problems with my Macintosh. I had TechTool Pro 1.0, but it didn’t do much more than diagnose my problems, which wasn’t a huge help to me. However, that has all changed with TechTool Pro 2. TechTool Pro 2 is my new utility of choice, and it leaves Norton Utilities with much to be desired.

Testing, and then some…
TechTool Pro 2 can test any, and I mean, any component of your Macintosh. From your ADB port to your ZIP drive and everything in between, TechTool Pro 2 will test it, and if problems are found, will either fix them or give you “advice” on how to fix them.

The real beauty of TechTool Pro 2 is that it can correct many of the problems it finds. It will repair a multitude of disk problems that can affect B-Trees, Master Directory Blocks, Extents, File Allocation Blocks and many other file related problems. And TechTool Pro 2 is the only utility currently available that will correctly diagnose and repair Mac OS Extended (HFS+) formatted hard disks.

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