MyMac Podcast 296 – iPad HIGH! Mac Mini Low

The GMen start out with some listener feedback from Australia. Gaz has ANOTHER problem with some of his Apple gear. THIS time it’s his Mac Mini. We go into a little detail about ProSoft Engineering’s Data Rescue and Drive Genius and JoeSoft’s Hear gets a mention. Guy fixes his Tae Kwon Do instructor’s Mac and doesn’t get a roundhouse kick to the face.

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After the Mac Mini, is there still a market for used Macs?

In a recent Podcast, editor Tim Robertson mentioned the fact that the introduction of the Mac Mini might well have made my recent Scroll Down Book “Buying Used Macs” somewhat obsolete. The argument boils down to this: with the Mac Mini offering Internet connectivity, enough horsepower to run most home and office software, and support for all the modern USB and FireWire peripherals, is there really any need to buy a used Mac at all?

About Neale Monks

Neale Monks has used Macs since 1990, when he was won over by the simplicity of printing from a networked Mac compared to doing the same thing with networked PCs. Since that time he's written for several Macintosh magazines including Macworld and Macformat as well as, InformIT, Peachpit, TidBITs, and the now-defunct AppleLust web site. Besides using Macs to make his living every day of the week, he likes to tinker about with vintage Macs, and a few years back wrote an e-book called 'Buying Used Macs' published through Neale has a degree in zoology and a PhD in palaeontology. He lives in the market town of Berkhamsted on the edge of the Chiltern Hills.

Read More PodCast for January 20th, 2005 – Episode #3 PodCast for January 20th, 2005. Download the MP3 here. Tim and Chad shop online for a Mac mini. With upgrades, how does the price compare to a low-end iMac G5? Also, the dog keeps licking Tim. ANd now our RSS works thanks to David Every! 32:59 seconds long at 15,879K in size.

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