Parallels 8 Desktop for the Mac and iOS Application
Company: Parallels
Version: Desktop 8 for Mac 8.0.1, and Parallels iOS application 3.2.5
Requires: OSX 10.6.8 or later, and iOS 4.0 or later
Compatible with: iPhone (3GS, 4, 4S, 5) and iPad 2nd Generation, 3rd Generation, 4th Generation, iPad mini
Price: $79.99 Desktop, and $4.99 iOS Application (limited time price; normally $19.99)


I had heard a lot about running virtual machines for years but had never thought to do it. I would think, what’s the point? But then I got the chance to review Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac and its iOS application companion. It was a new experience for me to use a technology I was not familiar with, which is rare, so I grabbed the chance with both hands.

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Peter is a writer/reviewer for He has been using Apple products since 2007, he regularly uses Apple equipment such as the Macbook Pro, iPhone, iPad and iPad mini. He enjoys reading books, listening to music, watching films, cold weather, podcasts, Astronomy, writing, taking photos, and making videos.

Enough Beta
TechFan #28

On April 22, 2011, in Podcast, TechFan, by Tim Robertson

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Tim and David have a few too many laughs this week. Portal 2 is out on the Mac, but why can’t Tim play it? Listener feedback, Beta Hardware, more on the Flip, Linux, and PSN round out the show. And Tim uses more adult language than usual.

Leave audio feedback (a phone call) at 1-801-938-5559

About Tim Robertson

Founder Podcast Host of TechFan. Owner Stoplight Network. Father of four, husband to one. Loves reading, podcasting, music, video games, the 1980s, and all things electronic and Apple.

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The iPhone as a Netbook Alternative

On December 23, 2008, in Opinion, by Mark Rudd

In a recent quarterly conference call, Steve Jobs made the following comment regarding the current netbook discussion:

“We’re not tremendously worried. As we look at the netbook category, that’s a nascent category. As best as we can tell, there’s not a lot of them being sold. You know, one of our entrants into that category if you will is the iPhone, for browsing the Internet, and doing email and all the other things that a netbook lets you do. And being connected via the cellular network wherever you are, an iPhone is a pretty good solution for that, and it fits in your pocket.” (Click this link to read the original article)

At the time of this statement, it was clear that Apple felt that the iPhone was/is a great netbook type device. The current sales numbers for netbooks indicate that not everyone agrees with the Jobsian edict. Netbook sales have steadily increased and have surpassed iPhone sales according to the third quarter numbers for this year.

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On February 7, 2008, in Macintosh, Review, by Gil Poulsen

CrashPlan–Backup Solution for Macintosh
Company: Code 42

Price: Standard version $20, Pro version $60 (client software only).
For remote data storage, up to 50GB for $5/month; additional $0.10/month per GB of data over 50GB
(storage is free if using a friend’s computer as the remote destination).

Let’s get this out of the way immediately: Using the word “crash” in the name of a backup solution for your critical data is bound to bring on a serious case of bad karma. So I salute the Code 42 folks for having the chutzpah to tell it like it is when it came to bestowing a name on their ingenious backup software.

CrashPlan is a powerful, inexpensive and easy to use backup solution that runs on Mac, Windows, and even Linux. While it most closely resembles offsite backup services like BackJack or Mozy, in that it moves data to a remote location as opposed to a local hard drive or tape backup, the real beauty of CrashPlan is that it allows you to choose the remote location, which can be any Macintosh, Windows or Linux computer that a) the owner of said computer (presumably a friend/family member/poker buddy) allows you to access, and b) has enough free space to back up your stuff. In fact, the Code 42 folks actually encourage this; apparently they’re happy just selling you the client software, even though they do offer storage space at their data facility.

Not only can you use your Mom’s PC as a backup destination, but thanks to CrashPlan’s ultra-friendly invitation options, you might not even need to call her to ask!

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Kubuntu – Testdrive Linux on your PowerPC based Mac

On August 11, 2006, in How-To, by Claus Wolf

Since Podcast 93 we learned a new world – Ubuntu. I thought I quickly let you all in on how you can testdrive Ubuntu Linux without installing a single file on your computer.

First of all let’s talk about Ubuntu. According to the Ubuntu Website the name means “humanity to others”.

It is a free, open source operating system based on Debian Linux and a release coming out every six month. Every release will be supported for 18 months to come, so it adds a bit of reliability to your Linux experience.

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Tri-Boot MacBook Pro

On August 10, 2006, in Video, by Tim Robertson

The TriBoot MacBook Pro.


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Security and the Mac

On March 29, 2005, in Opinion, by David K Every

Some have implied that Macs are safe from Viruses or Worms; thus they are secure or nearly impervious. While I like their enthusiasm, I think they are being a little too optimistic; so some cynical realism is in order.

First, we need to understand the terms. A computer virus (or worm) is a self-replicating program or something that “spreads” and makes copies of itself without permission or the user even knowing about it. These programs “infect” other programs, documents or the system, so that in the future accessing those files will run the virus and spread it even more. Thus a computer virus inserts itself into the users computer or on other programs, like a real virus would invade your cells. Like other life forms, its primary purpose is propagating the species and survive.

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